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Service Design Course

A 5-day course that helps you to truly understand the value of service design in the customer’s experience.

About the course

The customer experience matters

Service design is a methodology to help see your company from your customers’ perspective. By understanding your customer’s motivations—why they do things, not just what—you allow your company to become not only customer centric, but customer responsive throughout the organization. It is so important to understand what is actually valuable to your customer, so you can ensure that your company focuses on the right issues.

This course helps you to plan and organize people, communication, infrastructure and other service components in order to develop quality interactions between your organization and your customers. It will help you to develop an empathic mindset towards your customers and a service that is user-friendly, competitive and relevant. 

Learning outcomes

What you will learn 

By the time you finish this course in Service Design, you should have acquired knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away in your work or add to your resume.


This course will help you to understand…

  • The principles, process and key elements of service design as it exists today
  • How to use data and analytical tools for improving services
  • When and how to apply a particular service design tool
  • Changes in consumer behavior and the impact of digital business models and client journeys


This course will give you the ability to…

  • Structure, run and evaluate a service design process that supports the organizational goals
  • Turn ideas, thoughts and concepts into prototypes, scenarios and business plans
  • Connect societal trends, human needs and service design
  • Develop empathy skills for understanding customers’ pain points, needs and perspectives
  • Adopt and build a toolbox of service design methods and tools
  • Document a full service design process
  • Drive processes for changing assumptions into insights about users and their needs
  • Promote and argue for a mindset shift from product-based to a user-based mindset 
  • Drive organizational change towards structures that are based on a user centric models
Who takes this course

Your peers on the course

This is a course designed for a broad range of professionals within the service sector. This could include service managers, customer experience consultants, designers, product owners working in the areas of retail, travel, hotels, education, banks and health. 

We see that you want to be equipped with the tools, methods and mindset to truly understand the importance of service design in creating value for your customers experience.


What you will be doing 

Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. In this Service Design course, you’ll be learning by doing around 70% of the time and spend 30% in great speaker sessions.

Learn by doing

Put ideas and tools into practice, with daily challenges to build your competence.

Range of industry experts 

There will be different industry experts from Hyper Island´s network of collaborators, who will co-facilitate to give you new perspectives, inspiration, examples and insights.

Peer learning

By bringing out the collective intelligence of the group you’ll get new perspectives and a culture focused mindset.

Work with a live client case 

During the course you will work with a client and their business challenge. 

Essential tools and resources 

For each session, we curate the best learning materials to support you to apply the tools in action.

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