36 hours in the life of a Creative Director

Hey everyone, my name is Pelle Kimvall, and I spend the working hours of my day at PwC as Creative Director. And why would an assurance and consultancy firm need a CD you ask? Well, first of all creativity needs to start from the core of the business but it is also a question of creating a creative environment, everyone can be creative and it’s probably true that creativity is the last thing that AI will take over. 

Leadership and Innovation in Times of Change

With innovation as a current top-of-mind quality, we spoke to our very own CEO, Nathalie Trutmann, about innovative leadership and the challenges that come with change.

Student Story: Unni Soelberg.

Being Norwegian, a parent, and with 14 years of experience in graphic design and advertising, Unni has a unique perspective to share on her MA Digital Experience Design journey. 

These Are (some of) the Big Questions About Tomorrow | Changes of Tomorrow

There is so much going on every day. The progress-obsessed web isn’t making any pit stops any time soon, that’s for sure.

User Experience Lab at Hyper Island with Tobias Ahlin & Anna Lundqvist

Meet the team behind Hyper Island ́s 3 days User Experience Lab in Stockholm. Anna Lundqvist and Tobias Ahlin are our talented industry leaders and we have asked them 5 questions to get a sneak peak of the Lab.

Top 10 signs to question your boss’s leadership qualities (and what to do about it)

Not everyone has leadership qualities. But those in positions of leadership most certainly should. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t always go to plan. Here are some of the key signals that alert to a bad boss.

Learn Business Transformation and Disrupt Your Industry

Are you looking to take the next step in your business transformation career? We at Hyper Island thought it would be helpful to get a quick insight into the Business Transformation course from one of our very own business transformation superstars, Payam Shalchian. 
Masters Hyper Island students

Meet our Masters Students & Alumni

Get to know our Masters students and alumni: find out what brought them to Hyper Island and how they are driving change after graduating.

How Hyper Island’s alumni are making life better at work

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. Two Hyper Island graduates are on a mission to ensure that these hours become more engaging, fulfilling, fun and ultimately, help us to reach our full potential at work.

Alumni Diaries: Become a True Digital Driving Force in Business

Have you ever wondered why things are changing around you instead of being a part of them? For Thomas Waegemans, too many great ideas lost their value because they were not being realized or brought to market. His search to find a way to blend creativity with business acumen led him to enroll in Hyper Island’s MA Digital Management program. Here, we discover how he transferred his learnings to become Business Design and Strategy Lead at Fortune 500 Global 500 company, Accenture Interactive.

“That will never work” | Changes of Tomorrow

This moment is all that matters. What we know now is what we can bet on. Yes we rely on the past to educate our decisions but, most of the time, the bets we make are fairly safe. 

36hrs in the life of a Product Manager

Hello! My name is Bas van Helvoort. I’m a Digital Media graduate from 2012 that started off as a user researcher on the agency side but slowly became a Project Manager when I started working on digital products. 

4 Ways Digital Acceleration Will Help You Rethink Customer Relationships

Digital acceleration means learning to navigate through complex business landscapes, engage customers, and expand your reach.

How to Get Your Team to Collaborate Like Pros

Collaboration is more than about gelling as a team. It can be the value driver behind long- and short-term successes, as well as finding new ways to approach objectives and nurturing an innovative culture.

The Characteristics of Successful Change-Makers

When it comes to stories of successful change-makers, have you ever thought to yourself, “what do they have that I don’t?” Finding a straightforward answer for success would certainly provide value for yourself and those around you. When all is said and done, change-makers are just people too. And people possess characteristics, qualities and habits. 

Meet the Team: Digital Strategy

Interested in learning at Hyper Island but not yet familiar with our facilitators and collaborators? Meet the team behind the popular Digital Strategy course and follow them online for insights and inspiration.

What story is driving you into the future? | Changes of Tomorrow

Narratives create long-lasting stories, and these stories become the norms with which we understand the world and each other. 

36 hours in the remote life of Studio Co-founders

It took us a few years to figure it out, post-hyper island, post-internships and post-working-for-big-ass-agencies, before we finally founded our own motion studio and suddenly came to the realization that all this time, we’ve been working in the service industry.

Working with our students, an inside story

How is it really like to be working with our students as a Learning Partner? 

The role of social media in mental health issues

Newly published research shows that social media hurts girls more than boys. 

36 hours in the life of an Innovation Manager

My name is Zoran Matic and I work as Innovation Manager at UR in Stockholm, a digital platform for knowledge and learning. A big part of my job is to design learning experiences and facilitate sprints where different teams from all organizational levels implement new methods. 

The future effect of small changes | Changes of Tomorrow

We love big, seismic change. The news of radical innovation and change are easy to react to. There is a before and after that clearly sets a new way forward.

The future of work needs great leaders

Robots, artificial intelligence and automation will never replace inspiring leaders. Future-proof your business with Leading teams in the Digital Age, a 6-week online course to help your teams work better together and be more effective in reaching your goals.

Examples of Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven decision making involves using the right tools and technologies at the right time to connect with the right target groups. There are a few primary areas in which data can be utilized to ensure that your brand or business is making a real impact.
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