To stay ahead as a designer, Tien Nee focused on polishing her soft skills

Meet Tien Nee, Owner & Creative Director at ThinkingCouch Interactive and current part-time Digital Management Masters student.

How Johannes Switched Careers Through the Motion Design Program

Meet Hyper Island alumni Johannes Fast, a global creative mind who has started his own company after completing internships in agencies across Italy, USA, and Sweden.

Treasures in our own backyard

When we look to the future, the first thing that comes to mind is a tech-driven world where things work better, faster, and more efficiently. The future is better than today, except we humans are still running it, with all our flaws and virtues.

AI Will Shape The Future of Business: Are You Ready?

You don’t need to have a million-dollar company or hire a team of computer scientists to use AI in your business. In fact, you don’t need any prior knowledge of AI at all before you put it to work.

Chasing Dreams with Hyper Island alumnus Philip Levin

Meet Hyper Island alumnus Philip Levin, a motion creative from Sweden now working at a fast-growing creative agency in New York. Here he explains why he wanted to learn more than technical skills.

Hyper Island Meetup (a Starter Kit)

Hyper alumni have for a long time gravitated to Amsterdam, with presently over 350 creatives in the ‘Hypers in Holland’ facebook group, and growing steadily from year to year. We hosted an event where we helped connect the new with the old.

Prologue to the future

Over 700 links are reviewed and analyzed every week, looking for the most significant and “unnoticed” news from the technology, science, and business fields. But this week is slightly different. 

What’s the future of the hardest job in the world?

The hardest job in the world used to be a noun but then became a verb. Parenting is hard because we, the parents, have not been properly trained to take over such a big responsibility.

When it comes to diversity, have we changed enough?

Change can be scary. It can be messy, and it can be painful. Some believe that it can be managed, and some think that it can even be ignored. Sometimes, though, change is necessary because it opens up possibilities for new futures.

Learning is an endless journey that starts at Hyper Island

A ballerina and more in a past life, Ashley Back decided to change paths. She took on the challenge with Hyper Island and has embraced both the lifelong learning methodology and her new career.

Meet your future leaders

The most popular major in the class of 2018 in US colleges was biology. Computer science came in at 9th place with just a quarter of graduates compared to those of biology.

Signals are everywhere, but what lies ahead?

Tiny signals appear all the time. Small shifts in behavior are driven by new projects, new apps, new research or just pure happenstance.

Evolve or else!

Complex environments demand continuous evolution. 

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Science fiction writers have invented, imagined, and created possible futures in books, comics, and movies for decades.

Nobody ‘knows’ anything

The secret of the adult world is that nobody 'knows' anything.

Do you want to be a cyborg?

Before humans and machines reach an olympian final face off sometime in the distant future, we'll probably go through phases of evolving coexistence.

Who owns your future?

Today is a fascinating time to think about tomorrow!

The future of our obsessions

Our world has become more polarized over time. You are either 'this' or 'that'. With us or against us. Pro robots or opposing them.

A happier future?

Will the next generation of humans be a happier one? Will they live a fulfilling life? Will their works and jobs have a higher meaning?

Join the dots to spot future trends

It is often easier to make sense of things that happen.

A future stranger than fiction

It's so tempting to make predictions. Who will win the election? Which team will become champions? Or How we will live in the future? Unfortunately, our predictions are flawed.

Unintended consequences

Every Hollywood movie about time travel seems to feature a scene where the protagonist is warned about the dangers of altering the past...

Marcus Collins: Cultural Contagion is the New “Going Viral”

Detroit-based social media guru Marcus Collins (SVP of Social Engagement at Doner Advertising) came to Hyper Island to share why "going viral" is nothing.

Look for the signals

Why signals? A signal provides information or sends us a message about possibilities. A signal could tell us about the next big thing that will change the way we live.

It’s about time

There are three ways in which we assess our lives: What we've done in the past, what we are doing right now, and what we are going to do in the future.

UX Director and alumni Dan Nessler on his thirst for learning and why he shares

We met up with Dan and talked to him about his journey since graduating from Hyper Island.

These questions will define your future

The future is unpredictable. And yet, here we are, trying to make sense of all the news, developments, announcements and creations happening around us.

Some things will never be the same

We continually come across dozens of innovations across a wide range of industries and services. There is so much happening, fueled by discoveries in science and new technology.

The good, the bad, and what we can do about them

According to The New York Times study "Happiness Is Other People," solid social relationships are the strongest predictors of happy lives.

It’s time to catch up

Go back to 1994, right before the internet made it into our homes for the first time, even before AOL created chat rooms. Would you have liked to know how big the world wide web was going to get?

This is how you will live in 2028

Every January hundreds of thousands of people travel to Vegas to see with their own eyes the latest technology being created around the world. 

2018 will be the best year yet

It's easy to start the year optimistically. Yes, many important problems remain unsolved and most of our political leaders are not measuring up to the challenges of our time, but. 

What we learned in 2017 and how to create a better 2018

Hyper Island's exploration of possible futures.

Hyper Island was exactly what I needed to boost my career opportunities in Sweden

She never expected what an impact the move would have on her career - and how Hyper Island would help her accelerate it.

What changed in 2017

Hyper Island's exploration of possible futures.

Who are you calling a robot?

Hyper Island's exploration of possible futures.

Everything in 2018 will be bigger, faster and smarter

Hyper Island's exploration of possible futures

Tomorrow will be weirder than today

Hyper Island's exploration of possible futures.

The future won’t be lonely

Hyper Island's exploration of possible futures.

Can A.I. answer these 5 questions?

Hyper Island's exploration of possible futures.

Changes of Tomorrow • November 24

Hyper Island's exploration of possible futures.
Singpore POst-it

A Learner’s Journey: Q&A with Eunice Hong

A Senior Designer at Proctor & Gamble and a part-time Masters student at Hyper Island shares her thoughts on her passions in the digital world.
Dagny Interview

‘Hyper Island slows things down for people coming from an industry where constant speed is a problem.’

We met with Interactive Art Director student Dagny from Iceland
Marcus Collins

People don’t buy ‘what’ you do, they buy ‘why’ you do it

Meet Marcus Collins SVP of Social Engagement 
Meet louise

‘Hyper Island’s methodology made me feel like I have more control over my life’ – meet Louise

Louise spoke with us about her journey to and from Hyper Island.

The Reversed Mentorship Program – Hyper Island students mentor Electrolux executives

Jinjae Lee

‘Hyper Island is not Swedish, it’s very much global. No matter where you’re from, you will fit in.’

Jin wants to take all the great things he learns at Hyper Island back to his home country.

‘Everything went smoothly for me – and it will most likely go like that for you’ – our new international Students reflect on their first weeks

international Students reflect on their first weeks at Hyper Island and Sweden
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