Process Designand Facilitation

A 3-day intensive course that will give you the skills and tools to facilitate and lead teams, complex processes, workshops and meetings. Practice hands-on process design and management to harness collective intelligence.

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Hi, I'm Pernilla. Ask me anything about the course. Email me or Book a phone call

Got questions?

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May 23-25th 2018 is sold out. Waiting list is open, contact Pernilla for more information.

Hi, I'm Pernilla. Ask me anything about the course. Email me or Book a phone call

Get Hands-on tools to manage human behaviour

We’ve seen an increase in the demand for facilitation skills and knowledge. That’s why we want to share all our best-practice from the past 20 years of working with facilitation with you:

How do you ensure you get the most out of every individual? How do you handle individual behaviors in a group? And how do you design and build the right environment to achieve the above? Hyper Island has over two decades of facilitation experience and will equip you with the tools and methods you need to manage human behavior while giving you the opportunity to practice your newly learned skills on-site.

Get the competence
Get the tools, methods, and skills to facilitate diverse groups. Learn how to design meetings and workshops, build appropriate environments, set supporting frames, direct prototyping and facilitate long-term processes.

Get the confidence
Deep-dive into managing human behaviors, while constantly testing your learnings. Build your own facilitation toolbox to empower yourself and the team(s) you lead through challenges.

Get going
This course will equip you with tools and give you the opportunity to practice, ensuring that you can take your learnings directly back to your workplace to own, lead and support processes, meetings, and workshops.

What You'll Learn

Become skilled at managing human behaviors and facilitating innovative processes to get the best out of every individual.

Learn how to use facilitation to boost innovation and solve complex issues. Learn how to build supportive environments and design workshops and meetings to solve problems that matter to you and your organization.

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Harness collective intelligence
Learn the tools to get the best out of every individual member of a group. Set a foundation for ideation and prototyping and create an inclusive environment.

Lead and Manage Processes
Learn to lead members towards a common goal, while managing expectations.

Solve Problems
Learn how to design workshops and meetings to solve specific problems. Pick the right tools for each process.

How You'll Learn
This course is facilitated by Hyper Island staff and you will get to experience the learning by doing approach.

Through a range of different workshops, reflection sessions, and self-leadership you will experience and learn how to use our renowned Hyper Island tools to become an equipped facilitator for teams in the digital age.

Peer Learning
By bringing out the collective intelligence of the group you'll get new perspectives and a culture focused mindset - a hands-on experience of the power of facilitation.

Facilitation is the practice of leading groups through processes toward common goals in ways that encourage participation, ownership, and creativity.

Johan Eriksson

Course Leader and Facilitator, Hyper Island

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  • What is the total time commitment?

    Three consecutive 9-hour days. Plus a short pre-course survey to ensure that we take your expectations into account and after class you'll be doing a short follow up evaluation survey.

  • Are there any entry requirements?

    No. We just ask you to come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

  • Who would benefit most from this course?

    A broad range of professionals who use communications as a tool in their day to day work. In your role you're likely to lead a team and / or be responsible to run processes for development, innovation, meetings, conferences, workshops and similar.

  • What will I get when I complete the course?

    A signed certificate of completion from Hyper Island. Access to the Hyper Island Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Continued learning support, inspiration and tools for implementation.

  • How many participants are there in a course?

    The course group is diverse and made up of around 20-25 participants of various backgrounds.

  • Who will teach this course?

    The delivery team consists of professional facilitators from Hyper Island.

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