Full-time Program, 90 weeks. From the basics of animation to the skills you’ll need to direct your own innovative motion concepts.

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Karlskrona, Aug. 2018
Apply by Jun 30, 2018
Aug 2018 - Jun 2020

Program Cost The program fee is 229,000 SEK. Swedish and Nordic residents can study this program free of charge. The program is approved by CSN.

Applications International and fee paying applicants: Applications are open, apply now!

Swedish and Nordic applicants: We are accepting late applications to this program. Limited seats available; apply today!

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Real World Ready

The 2 year Motion Creative program will guide you through the basics of animation all the way to the skills you need to direct your own innovative motion concepts. You will immerse yourself in the world of motion graphics, guided by industry professionals, to become an expert creator of groundbreaking visual experiences.

The Motion Industry
This program is your chance to learn the skills to launch or upgrade your career in the international animation or film industry. Work in roles such as Animator, Motion Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Scriptwriter, Strategist, Director or Producer.

Get the know-how
Regardless of whether you have previous experience or not, the program covers a wide array of skills. From the crafts of analogue visual expression to the tools and software relevant to motion graphics on film, video and mobile platforms.

Work with real projects
All course content is designed to meet the needs of today’s industry and is delivered by industry professionals at the forefront of their fields. Real project briefs set by real clients form the core of the program’s modules and are developed in close collaboration with our network of industry partners.

What you’ll learn

The two-year Motion Creative program covers the entire spectrum of skills you need to launch a career in the motion industry. No previous experience is required to succeed. The program consists of 60 weeks of studies in our Karlskrona campus and 30 weeks of internship anywhere in the world.

Review the full course plan to find out all about the included courses and projects.

Download the curriculum

Explore & Create
This program is built on explorations of the motion industry. During the first weeks, you will be introduced to a number of tools needed to support your work on projects and courses. You will be trained in techniques and software used in the motion industry. These include: principles of animation, stop motion, research and documentation, principles of film directing, storyboarding, graphic design principles, life drawing, and basics of character design.

Hand's on craft-techniques
Experiment with different craft techniques. These include: Typography, Design, CEL-animation, and 3D-animation. Learn to work with software such as Adobe After effects, Photoshop, AnimateCC, Cinema 4D, Maya, Zbrush, and 3D projection mapping - both in workshops and by doing exercises.

Develop & Pitch
Learn to master tools and methods for concept development and visual presentation. You will work with outlines and ideas to develop and present motion design concepts with a focus on brand and target group. You will also learn how to sell these concepts to collaborators and stakeholders.

You & The Industry
The Motion Industry is constantly evolving. Make sure you learn how to keep up with trends and ensure your skills are up-to-date. Plan your learning according to your personal development plan in collaboration with the industry. Explore global trends in the Motion Industry: trends, work methods, processes, roles and who the big players are.

Deliver & Excell
Focus on the production process of a motion design project while being exposed to different production processes, roles, leadership- and organizational styles. Learn how to deliver productions within a short time restraints. Plan and design your final motion project individually or as a team. After presenting your concept to industry representatives you'll have 11 weeks to realize your idea. You will recieve individual support and coaching from experts. The final result intends to be used in your portfolio and showreel.

You & The Real World
During your time at Hyper Island you will undertake an internship, most likely with one of the 600 companies in Hyper Island’s global network. Hyper Island provides individual coaching to help you find the internship placement that you need to further develop your skills. The program also includes an individual research project before graduation.

Study in Karlskrona

With Sweden’s richest historical heritage right outside the door and a 360 degree ocean view, Hyper Island Karlskrona is the perfect place for creativity. Our students in Karlskrona develop their talent in an environment full of inspirational beauty.

Seize your potential

Hyper Island empowers passionate participation by challenging its students to set ambitious goals and giving them authority over their own learning, and the power to realize their own potential.

Team is everything

Collaboration, inclusion and transparency are crucial to growth. Through constant feedback and deep reflection, individuals gain a deeper sense of self-awareness, enabling them to become more effective team members and leaders.

Karlskrona Student life

At the center of an archipelago of 1,650 islands, skerries and islets, Karlskrona is the perfect place for creativity, surrounded by inspirational beauty.

Our students in Karlskrona enjoy a vast selection of activities, from sea kayaking, fishing and scuba diving in the summer to ice skating or ice yacht sailing during the winter.

Apartments in the city, even on Trossö, are both reasonably priced and fairly accessible. There are usually a fair amount of student apartments and regular apartments available on Trossö, so finding a home within walking or biking distance from the school is often not a problem at all. Hyper Island students sometimes also come together and rent one of the many huge Victorian apartments in the city center and live there as creative collectives.

Living in Karlskrona also means living surprisingly close to Europe. Several daily departures to Copenhagen are available by train from the central station. With Ronneby City Airport only 30 minutes away you can be in Antalya, Turkey or on a connecting flight from Stockholm within a few hours.

Or why not go on a party cruise to Poland with your fellow classmates to celebrate the success or failure of your latest project? Both equally good reasons to celebrate!

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Hyper Island students have a very bright future!

Roye Segal

Alumni and Senior Producer @ MTV

A word from our students

The Motion Creative program in Karlskrona gives me the creative tools i need to compete within a constantly evolving industry while focusing on my personal development.

Alexander Schwandner

Current Student @ Motion Creative (2-year)

Our students collaborate with amazing companies and organisations




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If you have any questions or need more advice on what the course can offer, we are here to help.

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  • What are the program requirements?

    Applicants need to have obtained a high school diploma (“Gymnasieexamen”) or foreign equivalent. No previous work experience is needed.

  • What does the program cost and do you offer any payment plans?

    The program is free for persons with a legal residency in any of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Faeroe Islands), regardless of nationality or citizenship. For International applicants, the program fee is 229 000 SEK.

  • What is the application deadline?

    For Nordic applicants: Applications for 2018 year’s program intake are currently closed and will open again between January 1st and April 5th 2018.

    For International applicants: the application process is ongoing throughout the year. Apply now!

  • What is the Application Task?

    The Application Task is mandatory for all Nordic applicants. It is a creative brief that challenges you to create a service, product or idea to solve a specific problem. The task is updated each year and you can find it here.

  • What documents do I need to provide in my application?

    You need to submit your CV, Application Task (if you are an International applicant you may submit your portfolio or work samples instead), school transcripts (High School degree or higher) as well as certification that supports your CV (college/university transcripts, payslip, letter of recommendation, employer letter or similar).

  • What qualification will I gain from this program?

    The program is accredited by Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskola (Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education) and graduates from the program will receive a diploma in Higher Vocational Education. International students graduating from the program will receive a non-accredited diploma of successful completion from Hyper Island.

A few words from the students

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At Hyper Island I learned that curiosity and hard work pay off big time!

Leandro Santini

Motion Creative 2013

Independent Director and Filmmaker based in London

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Medium me

Hyper Island made me ready to take on the industry in a professional way.

Ann Rubin

Motion Creative 2014

Motion Designer, DDB Stockholm

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