MA Digital Experience Design

Develop the skills and knowledge to design products, services and systems that meet the ever-changing expectations of the modern consumer. Work with industry leaders on real-life business challenges to create meaningful experiences, both online and offline.

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Become a better designer

The role of a designer is shifting. There is a gap between what education and industry needs, the Masters in Digital Experience Design was designed with practitioners to understand what designers need to build products, services, and systems within the industry.

Digital Experience Design will prepare you to become a better designer. It will push your critical, creative and strategic skills. The MA is primed for anyone who is interested in design or who wants to craft experiences in collaboration with the industry.


What this program is about

During the first six months of the program, you’ll be working on practical group projects lead by industry practitioners at our Manchester campus. Additionally, you’ll go through a range of interactive talks, hands-on workshops, team challenges, and deep reflection.

The second part of the program you’ll complete your independent Industry Research Project. This is your opportunity to design your own project based in the workplace. Research, state assumptions, formulate hypotheses, test them, make conclusions, engage with other professionals and ultimately: create something original.


8 areas of study

Foundation Days
Build your team and create a group culture, learn the Hyper Island methodology and develop skills to enhance your creativity.

Creativity Week
Explore idea generation techniques and essential research methods under the guidance of the program leaders through a short client brief.

Design Thinking
Investigate design thinking tools and processes, including looking at other related areas such as service design and human-centered design.

Understanding people
Gain techniques for building empathy with people through research, then drawing clear and powerful insights out of that research to guide a design process.

Business transformation
An in-depth look at business model development, working with cutting edge business-modeling techniques, case studies, and user journeys.

Managing projects and teams
Explore the project lifecycle and consider projects from a holistic perspective. This project takes place during the entire on-site part of the program and is built on your project and professional work.

Experience design
Get to the core of what it means to design experiences with a digital focus. You’ll move quickly from theory to practice, trying out a diverse range of methods and approaches, learning how to test concepts, refine them and work with professionals to get them built.

Industry Research Project
Find a problem in your industry and work to solve it. In place of the traditional master’s thesis, you will identify a problem, prototype solutions, and share insights based on your research.

By applying my new skills and sharing my knowledge, I raised my profile in the industry. The MA opened up new doors to industry collaboration, speaking and job opportunities.

Dan Nessler
User Experience Director, Hinderling Volkart

Companies we have worked with

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Why Hyper Island

Transformative learning experiences

Hyper Island has been creating learning experiences across the world for over 20 years. This course draws on our unique methodology and insights.

Transform your skills
You will learn how to apply design thinking into your every-day discipline. By exploring experience design and related fields such as service design and interaction design, you will gain the knowledge to lead the change in this evolving industry.

Make better decisions
Understand the components to create succinct online and offline experiences. You’ll collaborate with peers and professionals on real business challenges in a range of practical projects. That will help you to develop the skills that leaders need to make good strategic decisions.

Get the understanding
Understand human behavior and practice rigorous research. Leverage digital technologies and prototyping to test theories. Utilize project management skills, gain business acumen and learn to build and lead an effective design team.

As designers we are well placed to move with change, to seek out new problems and new solutions. It’s never been harder to be a designer, and never more rewarding

Matt Cooper-Wright
Senior Design Lead, IDEO
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