Interactive Art Directorbecomes Design Lead

There are no major changes in the content of the program; you will still learn how to lead and facilitate design processes and understand the needs, behavior, expectations you are designing for.

Design Lead is the new name of the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island

Design Lead is an industry-recognized title and we feel it more clearly reflects the development of the program at Hyper Island – which includes work on branding, business objectives, user experience and an experience design toolbox.

Design Lead also encompasses the different positions Hyper Island students take on after graduation, such as Visual Design Lead, User Experience Design Lead, and Creative Lead.

If you have previous design experience as Art Director, Illustrator, Graphic Designer or UX Designer, have a few years’ industry experience or relevant education, then Design Lead is for you. You will develop entrepreneurial skills, understand group dynamics, and practice essential self-leadership.

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