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Full-time Program, 45 weeks. Sharpen your skills in digital communication, design and creative problem solving from strategy to execution.

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Stockholm, Aug. 2018
Apply by Apr 05, 2018
Aug 2018 - Jun 2019

Program Cost The program fee is 152,000 SEK. Swedish and Nordic residents can study this program free of charge. The program is approved by CSN.

Applications International and fee paying applicants: Applications are open, apply now!

Swedish and Nordics applicants: Applications are closed, apply between Jan 01 - Apr 05, 2018.

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Up your game. Sharpen your expertise and develop new skills in visual communication, design and creative problem solving, preparing you to take on tomorrow’s digital challenges. Join the Interactive Art Director program.

The new digital world needs new digital experts. Focus on your strengths, develop new skills, and become industry-ready with the one-year Interactive Art Director program. We will empower you to develop your existing expertise in visual communication and design, preparing you for a career as an Art Director, Designer, or Strategist.

Join a deeply collaborative, lightening-paced environment that mirrors the modern workplace. Whether you are currently an Art Director, Graphic Designer, or even a Copywriter, the Interactive Art Director program will help you sharpen your design skills and challenge you to solve real world problems. Created in partnership with industry professionals, the program covers the entire production spectrum, from strategy and branding to execution. Students will gain expertise in planning, research, user experience, user-centered design, business development and entrepreneurial skills, and leave the program with a capacity to create business strategies, navigate group dynamics, and practice self-leadership.

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During your time at Hyper Island you will undertake an internship, most likely with one of the 600 companies in Hyper Island’s global network. Your internship will give you on-the-job opportunities, industry experience, and access to international contacts. The program also includes an individual research project before graduation.

Our global community

Hola, Bonjour, Hej! While English is the working language at Hyper Island, people join us from all over the world. We currently host talented internationals from 37 different countries and counting.

What you learn

  • Brand, idea, and concept development
  • Design management and strategy
  • User experience and interaction design
  • Design for multiple platforms and advanced interface design
  • Group dynamics and self-leadership

Infinite career possibilities

  • Design communication strategies for implementation across a wide range of digital media
  • Develop a visual concept and idea for digital productions, services, and applications
  • Add a digital dimension to the traditional Art Director role
  • Handle commercial client relationships effectively and be able to pitch ideas
  • Demonstrate skills in personal development and teamwork.
  • Use the Hyper Island methodology and contribute to effectiveness and productivity in groups

Program fee

Swedish and Nordic applicants

If you’re from a Nordic country it’s free to study this program. Legal residents of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark Iceland, Finland, Norway or Faroe Islands) are eligible for government funding from YH - Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskolan (Swedish national agency for higher vocational education). This means that you can attend a full-time program free of charge. The program is approved for CSN support.

International applicants

For non-nordic students, the 45-week program fee is 152 000 SEK.


Applicants need to have a minimum of one year (full time) work experience in a related field, as well as have obtained a high school diploma (“Gymnasieexamen”) or foreign equivalent.


Currently, there are no available scholarships.

Ask us anything

If you have any question or need advice on what the course can offer and if it's a good fit for you we are here to help.

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  • What are the program requirements?

    Applicants need to have a minimum of one year (full time) work experience in a related field, as well as have obtained a high school diploma (“Gymnasieexamen”) or foreign equivalent.

  • What does the program cost?

    The program is free for persons with a legal residency in any of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Faeroe Islands), regardless of nationality or citizenship. For International applicants, the program fee is 152 000 SEK.

  • What is the application deadline?

    For Nordic applicants: The application deadline for the program starting in August 2017 is April 13th.

    For International applicants, the application process is ongoing throughout.

  • What is the Creative Task?

    The Creative Task is mandatory for all Nordic applicants. It is a creative brief that challenges you to create a service, product or idea to solve a specific problem. The task is updated each year. To find this year’s Creative Task, please click here.

  • What documents do I need to provide in my application?

    You need to submit your CV, Creative Task (if you are an International applicant you may submit your portfolio or work samples instead), school transcripts (High School degree or higher) as well as certification that supports your CV (college/university transcripts, payslip, letter of recommendation, employer letter or similar).

  • What qualification will I gain from this program?

    The program is accredited by Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskola (Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education) and graduates from the program will receive a diploma in Higher Vocational Education. International students graduating from the program will receive a non-accredited diploma of successful completion from Hyper Island.

  • How can I learn more about this program?

    Check out our upcoming events here, watch recorded Q&A sessions here, or get in touch with the admissions team directly via

A few words from the students

Medium profile1

Hyper Island changed my life by letting me work with the most talented and inspiring people.

Those 8 cold months in Sweden were warmed up by being part of an amazing team, working on some of the most interesting projects in my career, and learning a great deal about yourself.

Cas Lemmens

Interactive Art Director 2010

Product Designer at Spotify, Sweden

Contact Cas

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Hyper Island made me ready for big challenges (and grow as a person)

At Hyper Island I was provided with with tools that made me accomplish goals I never could have dreamt of before. The experiences I went through during my time at Hyper I learned how to adapt for change. I have developed a more holistic perspective in my working processes. Now I have great confidence in myself and in my profession.

Julia Schierbeck

Interactive Art Director 2013

Pop Up Agency, Stockholm

Contact Julia