Hyper IslandWay Course

A 3-day intensive course that will give you the skills and tools to help you develop your team and yourself to seize full potential in collaborations.

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5 - 7 Sep, 2018
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7 - 9 Mar, 2018
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Accelerate collaboration, creativity and culture

How can you and your team master high-performance collaboration and creativity? How do you learn to lead change in your team? In a rapidly changing, non-linear world, we need to develop new sets of skills and tools to help teams and individuals develop with the change.

Over the years, the demand to learn the Hyper Island way to do this has increased and this course is created as a result.

Get the competence
Throughout the course you’ll learn a range of principles, models and actionable tools related to teamwork, creative collaboration, leadership and personal development – essential elements in empowering teams for the future.

Get the confidence
During this 3-day intensive course, you will be equipped with tools and models to take your self-leadership to the next level, giving you the confidence to support your team.

Get the job done
Get the tools you need to bring home your new insights. Test and apply them with your team to increase teamwork, creative collaboration, leadership and personal development.

What you'll learn

Regardless of your role you'll learn how to super-charge yourself, your organization or team by making it more effective, collaborative and creative.

You'll get the tools and the mindset you need to enable a more innovative culture and infuse people with inspiration to seize potential and prosper in the future. We'll cover all the essentials of tomorrows teamwork in a constantly changing world.

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Reflection and Feedback
Develop skills and understanding in reflection and feedback as important tools for continuous learning (at the individual, team and organizational level).

Team Development
Learn the theoretical background related to team development and group dynamics. Get actionable methods and tools from the Hyper Island Toolbox to use in developing these areas.

Culture Creation
Increase your understanding and ability to facilitate and work with teams and culture. Create confidence to apply methods and tools in day-to-day work.


This course is facilitated by Hyper Island staff and you will get to experience the learning by doing approach fist hand.

Through a range of different workshops, reflection sessions and self-leadership you will experience and learn how to use Hyper Island tools.

Peer Learning
By bringing out the collective intelligence from the group you'll get new perspectives and a culture focused mindset.

Hyper Island creates communities of trust and international collegiality around the themes of emerging technology, creativity, and innovation.

Johan Eriksson

Course Leader and Facilitator, Hyper Island

The Team

The course is led by a team of experienced facilitators from Hyper Island.

Louise Norrman: The Supporter
I enable individuals to take on active roles in self-development & linking their needs to the company’s need for profitability. I aid people to find their drivers via personal development, self-awareness training, & behavior analysis.

Christopher-Robin Eklund: The Challenger
My red thread is experiences. I love feelings and to challenge myself on who I am and how I am. I use this when meeting students and professionals. I facilitate people and groups to develop bigger potential. Ninja Skills: Personal development, team building, group dynamics & concept development.

Alumni from our leadership and culture courses include

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If you have any question or need advice on what the course can offer and if it's a good fit for you, we are here to help.

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  • Who is this course for?

    The course is designed for anyone who wants to super-charge their organization or team by making it more effective, collaborative and creative.

  • At what level is this course? Beginner, intermediate or expert?

    This course is relevant and valuable for participants on all levels. It is designed to meet participants at the level they are at and support their development.

  • I’m not a formal manager/leader. Can I still take this course?

    You do not need to be a formal leader/manager. The course is created for leaders and team members in any organization with the desire to infuse people with inspiration to seize potential and prosper in the future by unlocking progress.