Frontend Developer

Want to be the bridge between designers, project managers and clients? Want to produce amazing user experiences? If so, this Frontend Developer program is for you.

Technology & Design
Full time
2 years
CSN Approved
Full-time diploma



Frontend Developers produce amazing user experiences

Frontend Developers help produce amazing user experiences on the web and in apps through the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript – as well as a constantly changing battery of tools and programming languages.

Frontend Developers essentially bring to life how designers, other team members, and clients imagine user experience. But it’s not just hard technical skills, you also need to have the ability to plan your projects, communicate your ideas and keep the team on track.

Hyper Island puts Frontend Developers to work in teams with our design students. This way, you’ll learn useful ways to combine graphic design with coding principles and master the communication and teamwork needed to produce amazing interactive user experiences.

Course Content

What you'll learn

Bring ideas and concepts to life
The 80 week Frontend Developer program will give you the skills and know-how to take ideas and concepts and make them into real web products and projects. You’ll spend 53 weeks at our Stockholm campus, plus 27 weeks doing an internship anywhere in the world.

An Essential Toolkit
Learn everything from HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and
MySQL. Vue & web components, Headless CMS Stylesheet Languages (SASS) to advanced web development such as, React, Node.js, REST, RubyonRails, elm. and developing mobile applications for iOS and Android. Search engine principles, server rendering, tracking implementation for Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager. Databases: knowledge in SQL, MySQL, MongoDB or similar.

Agile Development
Learn how to work in agile development teams and processes. Agile software development is an approach to Frontend development that promotes iterative development throughout the life-cycle of the project, close collaboration between the development team and business side, constant communication, and tightly-knit teams.

UX, UI, and Tools for Interface design
Learn to work with different design tools and visual forms of expression to understand the important connection between frontend design and UX and graphic design. UX and UI designers are key stakeholders in a Frontend Development project, so you will also learn how to work with UX and UI design in frontend projects.

Career Opportunities

Get the skills to accelerate your career

An endless industry need for talent
Frontend Developers are in demand! Swedish IT & Telecom companies estimate the hiring need for system and software developers, where Frontend developers are included, will be approximately 24,000 new
individuals within the next four years. A Frontend Development program has also long been requested by Hyper Island’s network of hiring companies, who are now delighted to be able to hire talent from this program. Additionally, all course content is designed to meet the needs of today’s industries and is delivered by industry professionals at the forefront of their fields. Real project briefs set by real clients form the core of the program’s modules and are developed in close collaboration with our network of industry partners.

Launch your career
The insights, knowledge, and array of skills you will gain will help you reach a position as frontend Developer, Web Developer, Interface Developer, Web Programmer, Javascript Developer, among many others.

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Our methodology

Hyper Island Way

Hyper Island methodology is based on a learner-centered, experience-based approach. We facilitate learning journeys, where discovering, uncovering, applying and reflecting is all part of the process by which participants learn useful skills and knowledge they can apply right away.

Learn by doing

Build, create, experiment! We know from more than 20 years of experience that people learn best through active doing and making.

Work in teams

Collaboration is the modern core competence in a world of complexity and constant change.

Real-world ready

We build learning around actual examples and practical tasks to make it all immediately relevant and useful.

Global network of experts

We work with world-leading industry experts to provide the most cutting-edge content.

Vocational education at its best

This program is a vocational diploma program which means that you will practice experience-based learning; no textbooks, tests or traditional teachers. Instead, you will be a part of a collaborative and high-energy learning environment that mirrors the modern workplace dynamics. Surrounded by a diverse set of talent and industry experts from all over the world, you will get a chance to create solutions based on real problems of real clients.


Join a growing global network

The Hyper Island alumni community is for everyone that has graduated from a program or course. We offer you the chance to form part of a community with more than 5000 people around the world. Our mission is to connect you to each other and facilitate lifelong learning.


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