data analytics course

Data-Driven Decision Making

A hands-on data analytics course on understanding and leveraging data into business insights.


Turn data into actionable business insights

Data is the new gold for businesses. This three-day intensive data analytics course is designed to help you identify, transform, and utilize data as a source of business growth.

You will be introduced to the modern data landscape, and how data is used in different businesses and industries. Learn how to collect data with APIs and scraping tools, visualise data analytics, build business KPI dashboards and formulate a clear approach to data in your business. You will also process the surrounding social, ethical and legal issues that may need to be considered when working with data in today’s digital era.

By the end of this data analytics course, you will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to approach, understand and work with data in your organization.

Course goals

What you'll learn

This data analytics course will give you the knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away in your work or add to your resume.


  • Know why APIs are important and how they can be used
  • Understand the concepts and use of Big Data and Open Data 
  • Know how to set Data driven KPI’s
  • Understand the legal aspects of data 
  • Understand the privacy, ethical and social issues of data.
  • Understand current trends within data.
  • Know how to analyze your social media data.
  • Understand fundamentals of machine learning.


  • Apply an analytical way of thinking to business and marketing data.
  • Turn data into valuable and usable business insights. 
  • Prototype and verify business concepts and campaigns using data.
  • Apply the right tools to access data that is not in an accessible format.
  • Ability to scrape data and transform it into clear visualizations.
  • Ability to communicate data insights
  • Analyse data trends to judge and assess how they impact your business. 
  • Ability to manipulate data sets
  • Ability run text analysis on large data sets
  • Ability to lead towards analytical behaviours
  • Understanding of and ability to act on hinders & opportunities connected to implementation.


Lesson plan


Day 1

The Data-Driven World

  • Big data in the modern world and business world
  • Explore sources of data relevant to businesses
  • Becoming a data detective with a data mindset
  • Use widely available tools to manage and draw insights from data

Day 2

Using Data for Business

  • Turning data into actionable insights
  • Aligning data with your business goals
  • Exploring Google Analytics
  • Data scraping and manipulation
  • Introduction to popular scraping tools
  • Turning data into an application or service for collaboration

Day 3

Telling Better Stories with Data

  • Storytelling with data
  • How visualization and representing data can aid decision making
  • How visualization through dashboards and command centers can improve the quality and speed of decisions in their business
  • Creating a data action plan for your organization
  • Discuss the legal, social and privacy issues involved with manipulating data
Who'll join you

Who takes this data analytics course?

Our data analytics course is attended by students of varying skills and experience, to encourage a broad exchange of perspectives and challenges from different industries, countries and experiences. From total beginners to data scientists, the Data Driven Decision Making course will give you the skills and knowledge to bring data into your business decisions, strategies and cross-team collaboration.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to use data for decision-making to support business, growth and user experience
  • You want to learn how to find, understand, visualize and analyze data
  • You want to gain insights into different ways of exploring data to support your colleagues and organization

What you'll be doing

Develop a data mindset

Think like a data analyst and understand how data can provide invaluable business insights across sales, marketing, customer experience and overall business strategy

Explore real data

Use social media data and tools like Google Analytics

Use data to solve business problems

Find, scrape and manipulate data for real business solutions

Create data visualizations and dashboards

Learn how to present that data you’ve collected to build a dashboard that helps your teams succeed

Turn data into insights

Understand how to create action items from the data you are presenting. Recognise the difference between signal and noise

Solve hands-on tasks

Work on real data tasks designed to build competence and collaboration in your daily work

Get feedback and collaborate

Individual feedback and cross-role/industry peer collaboration to accelerate your learning