Last revised: Jun 21, 2012.

Our Privacy Policy outlines usage of your data, technology aspects, cookie use and third party disclosure on this site,

Personal Information

By visiting you don’t disclose any personal data to Hyper Island. This requires an active action which can be made by filling out our contact form, buying a product, becoming a member of our community etc.

Cookies & Technology

We use cookies for the site to enable us to gather statistics regarding usage to improve, develop, meet future needs and provide more personalised services to you, both on this website and through other media.

As a member of the Hyper Island online community, with an active profile, we need to use cookies to enable the technology that drives the community functionality.

All Hyper Island students and alumni exist in a internal database system which is used for authentication to activate user profiles. In this system, your name, email address and possibly more information is stored depending on what information has been shared with Hyper Island. On this site, you have the opportunity to enter more information which is stored in a database that drives the site.

You can opt out at any time.

Third Party Disclosure

We do not disclose any information to third parties, nor do we plan to. As a member of the community, integration is available with third party platforms at your choice.