Learning Partnership

Are you in need of outside perspective connected to your business? Do you want to explore the possibilities that arise when partnering up with our students? Then a Learning Partnership is perfect for you. Hyper Island students are creative, forward-thinking and equipped with tools and methods for solving complex tasks. Working with them will help your company stay competitive and get inspiration to make real progress.

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Explore what possibilities that emerge when designing from a human perspective

How might you transform the way you solve problems for customers by putting the human aspect first? This project is about gaining insights that can support your client journeys, from ideation and research to solutions
Sept 16th-Oct 11th, Stockholm, Digital Media Creative, 10 000 SEK

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Explore your visual brand identity

What possibilities would emerge if you took your brand presence to a new level, exploring how to connect your business goals with visual communication? This project is about creating a visual brand identity based on strategic insights.
Sept 17th-Oct 12th, Stockholm, Design Lead, 10 000 SEK

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Explore the impact of User Experience in Business

Want to gain more insights and ideas on how to implement and work with User Experience from a business perspective? This project is about acquiring insights around user behaviours and how to utilize those insights into business solutions.
Sept 23th- Oct 18th, Business Developer

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Be sure to sign up for updates from our Learning Partnership team to learn more about upcoming opportunities for you and your business. We will be in touch around four times a year but are always available to connect and discuss your needs.


This is how it works

  • 1

    All full-time programs in Stockholm and Karlskrona are divided into several projects, and in some of the projects, the students work with real clients on real briefs. The learning objectives, topics, length and start dates vary between the different projects. Find the project that matches your organization’s needs, and follow the steps to apply to become a Learning Partner.

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    We will review your brief to make sure it meets the needs of the student learning experience and is aligned with the program objectives and learning outcomes of the specific project.

  • 3

    If your brief is chosen we’ll set you up so you are ready till when you start collaborating with the group of students, which could be anywhere from a team of 4-7 students all the way to our cross-program briefs with over 200 students.

  • 4

    During the project, your main contact is the student group. You will collaborate with them as you would with a creative agency; having meetings, check-ins, workshops and preparing the needed data and insights from your organization. A typical project span 4-8 weeks.

  • 5

    The desired outcome and expected delivery differ between the different projects. For example, it could be a creative concept, a strategy, a mockup, a prototype, an analysis or a workshop or the outcomes of a design sprint.