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Our amazing students are looking for real projects from real customers. Hyper Island students are creative, forward-thinking and equipped with tools and methods for solving complex tasks. Working with them will give your company a tailored product based on your needs. Join companies like Volvo, Coca Cola and H&M – Sign up for a Learning Partnership today!


Available Projects


Program: Business Developer, Stockholm

Dates: Jan 8 – Jan 31

How do you use your data for qualitative and quantitative analysis in your business to support innovation? This project will help you find real value in your gathered data. The students will explore how to analyse data and use relevant tools and methods in order to make informed business decisions. 

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Program: Digital Media Creative, Stockholm

Dates: Jan 13- Feb 7

During this project the students will explore the foundations of Growth Hacking, an agile way of working with business development and data. They will go through the methods and frameworks used in Growth Hacking and create hypotheses to test and analyze. Student will then present a recommendation to the client. 

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Program: Business Developer, Stockholm

Dates: Feb 4- Mar 6

Want to improve your digital sales channels? The students will explore how the digital commerce landscape looks today, and look at new emerging business models. They will explore digital sales channels and the sales tools which support the sales process. They will also look at the importance of a customer centric sales focus. 

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Program: Content Developer, Stockholm

Dates: Feb 10- Mar 20

The students will explore how to analyse data, and use relevant tools in order to make informed decisions and make visual presentations. They will also explore how to choose and implement different strategies when developing content, including how to understand your target audience, reach your KPIs and understand the market.

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Program: Motion Design, Karlskrona

Dates: Feb 10- Mar 27

Need a video? In this project, the students will develop, brand, produce and present motion design concepts. The students will do research and create a conceptual presentation of an idea illustrated through sketches and rough animations – a so called treatment pitched to the client. After input from the client, the students will produce a video that will be 1-2 min long.

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Program: Digital Media Creative, Karlskrona

Dates: Feb 17- Mar 20

The students will investigate how informed decisions, based on data and insights, can help define a business plan. When this part is done, they will actually build a brand around the produced business idea.

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Program: Business Developer, Stockholm

Dates: Mar 10- Apr 17

The students will use their full skill-set achieved throughout the program and work with organisational culture,
the client’s digital mindset and handle, co-create and drive change. Here is a great oppurtunity to get new perspectives, tools, methods and support in team development, creativity and processes for sustainable change and innovation.

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Program: Digital Media Creative, Karlskrona

Dates: Mar 30- May 1

Brand building and marketing strategies in digital channels is the core of this project. It’s about visual communication, data driven marketing, design strategy and how to utilize research as a means for competition. 

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Program: Frontend Developer, Stockholm

Dates: Apr 6- May 8

The student will learn how to effectively collaborate and communicate with designers, ux-designers and other team members in a web project from beginning to end. The student will also learn how to break down and implement designs into a functional product and explore learning design systems and social coding.

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Other opportunities 

4 Day Design Sprint - Sustainable Future 

The next Sprint with our students will be focusing on innovation and oppurtunities for an excisting product/service, or a new solution for your business – in connection to sustainability. Programs included in this sprint will be Frontend Developer, Business Developer, Content Developer, Digtial Media Creative.

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