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We can all change our minds, especially when it comes to something as uncertain as our future. We see it happening almost every week.


We can all change our minds, especially when it comes to something as uncertain as our future.

We see it happening almost every week: Beliefs, ideas and concepts we thought to be solid stone in the pillars of our collective growth, are suddenly revisited, questioned, and discarded as mistakes or even celebrated as new values.

Take pessimism. A town in Finland realized that it had nothing special to offer except their very own version of extreme pessimism.

It’s hard to live up to claims such as: “I’ll never”, “we’ll always”, “that’ll fail”, or “I know for sure…” and every day, we see proof of the fascinating and unpredictable nature of futurecasting.


What’s changing: Thursday, October 17th, 2019

👩‍⚕️ Doctors in Scotland prescribe nature to their patients. (3 min read)

The world is running out of sand. (7 min read)

🚗 The catastrophic day we forgot to teach autonomous vehicles about jaywalking. (6 min read)

👤 The very application of human-centric design results in very human emotions: Anxiety. It’s time to rethink the “like” economy. (3 min read)

📻 Alexa (finally) arrives in Brazil with the right Portuguese dialect, but also expertise on regional and local information. (2 min read)

✏️ Traditional stationery is making a comeback, because we are really getting tired of email! (6 min read)

💉 What does it say about the future that the most profitable jobs are in healthcare? (4 to 20 min read. Depends on how deep in the rabbit hole you decide to go)

🎬 Gattaca is finally here and its concept (gene alteration to create super class) is as provocative as the movie was back in 1997. (The original Blade Runner was set in 2019) (8 min read)


Mental energizer

Quality of each stay is a function of the joint effort of hosts and guests. Both hosts and guests determine effort based on each others’ reciprocity preferences. More reciprocity leads to higher ratings, higher ratings lead to higher demand. Higher demand allows hosts to charge more and thus make more money, not only for themselves but for Airbnb too.

From “Airbnb and the art of Behavioral Influence” at Medium.


Food for thought

Pilot purgatory
A state-of-limbo phase where proof of concept trials of Smart Cities applications end up lagging and fading out.


A.I. Watch

Today A.I. can accurately create output without any creative involvement from a human. This is a creative act, and to decide whether this act deserves protection by copywriting law is breaking the brains of the people at the Patent and Trademark Office.

Is it better than humans? Traditionally, coders have claimed authorship over the works their AI software creates. But the news of startup, Endel, becoming the first-ever algorithm to sign a major label deal with Warner Music, has raised questions in the heads of many copywriting experts.

Forecast? The experts really don’t know the answer!!! So they are asking for opinions of the public to help find solutions to this question!


Tomorrow’s numbers

Two-thirds of parents give their child an allowance, and the average weekly amount is $30, That’s up from $17 in 2016.
From The New York Times

e-Sports 2018 League of Legends championship had about the same number of viewers (100 million) as Super Bowl LII (103 million).
From Quartz

In the first minute of Singles Day, Chinese e-commerce Alibaba did $1 Billion in sales. Within the hour it was $12 Billion.
From CBS news.

A 5 GB cell phone plan cost $62 in the US. The same plan costs $60 in Canada, $49 in China, $42 in Japan, $33 in Britain, $15 in France, $12 in Australia and $7 in Denmark.

St. Marks Basilica in Venice flooded for the sixth time in 1,200 years… 4th in the last 20.
From Axios

47% of Americans believe that it’s difficult to know whether the information they encounter is true.
From AP


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This week’s exploration of possible futures was curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.