What You Can Learn About Innovation From Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a real thing and it’s growing fast among Indian consumers. We can we learn a lot from innovators like the founder of Dr. Bubbles, Adnan Sarkar, and what other market-leading companies are doing to stay one step ahead of the competition.

“Bubble tea” is the name given to the range of flavoured fruit teas, milk teas and coffees sold in India by Adnan Sarkar. He stumbled across someone making teas with tapioca ‘bubbles’ in when traveling in Southeast Asia and decided to make the idea work in his hometown of Mumbai.

Adnan was not first to market with this type of drink, and he found it hadn’t received a particularly positive response from Indian consumers. He decided to tweak and perfect his range of drinks knowing that they would only be popular in India only if they are tailored to local palates. Today, Dr. Bubbles has 35 outlets in the Mumbai area and aims to grow to 100 by the end of 2019.

“A business is the result of immense hard work, dedication and perseverance,” he writes in an article on Entrepreneur India website. “The key to any successful business is the ability to come up with fresh new ideas to keep the operation running and the products and services fresh. This influx of fresh ideas into the business on a regular basis is known as innovation. Innovation plays a very important role in any business venture.”

The status quo won’t work forever

Innovation is an essential element for ensuring growth for a business in the long term. It is about adding new business models and products that stimulate new and improved revenue streams.

“Once your business is set, it is possible that you may become a little stagnant for some time and enjoy the results you are getting,” writes Adnan. “You may think that the strategy that is working now, will definitely work in the future too. In reality, however, the status quo won’t work forever for your business. You will have to keep your mind open to fresh, new ideas and be ready to innovate from time to time. It is important to undertake innovation on a regular basis so that you can enjoy the rewards that it brings in the future.”

Unlock and apply creativity to solve problems that matter

We’ve looked at why innovation is important, now let’s look at how to do it.

Hyper Island believes that innovation is all about unlocking and applying creativity to solve problems that matter. In other words, developing new ideas that create value and tackle important challenges. And while many find it mystifying, we know that with the right mindset and toolkit, anyone can practice innovation.

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