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Narratives create long-lasting stories, and these stories become the norms with which we understand the world and each other. 


  • A former English teacher who co-founded a $460+ billion juggernaut with footprints in artificial intelligence, financial services, and cloud computing, retires.
  • Mastering AI, Voice and Robotics will give McDonald’s the edge in the increasingly competitive field of food innovation.
  • Transparency and privacy are the path to a sustainable future and its biggest threat.

You see, it’s easy to read these statements, accept them and incorporate them into the narrative of our lives, which help us define where we are and where we are going.

The humble visionary who against all odds becomes a billionaire and a contemporary guru. Heroes.

The emergence of a better and more convenient life driven by innovation. Promising tomorrows.

And these innovations come with threats and benefits so new, we need to create new ethical paradigms to discuss them. And the threats awaiting. Narratives create long-lasting stories, and these stories become the norms with which we understand the world and each other. Apple knows this, and that’s why we get more and better cameras on our phones. It’s all about the stories.

So, let the best storyteller win!


What’s changing: Thursday, September 12th, 2019

🤖 Cyborgs, self-sufficient, self-aware, they are the next step in human evolution. (6 min read)

🌴 Over Tourism is crowding our cities and promoting global warming, AND the business world needs to step up to promote sustainability. (4 min and 5 min reads)

🐍 Someone with 1.2million followers is a celebrity, a media goldmine and worthy of our admiration, devotion and respect. Meet YouTuber Jennelle Eliana and her snake pet. (5 min read)

🗞️ Advertising, or messages paid by brands to promote products, is needed to sustain platforms, products and ideas. (8 min read)

💻 The internet is the best thing ever created / The internet is promoting the worst side of humanity. (14 min TED talk)

👁️ Is Mindfulness going to save us from ourselves? (8 min read)

🍔 Tons of food is being wasted because we are reading food expiration dates in the wrong way. (5 min read)


Mental energizer

“The Netflix model of bulk-releasing seasons was a fun novelty at first, but there are signs that people are growing tired of it – especially people who like talking about television. The amount of eggshell-walking it has created – with people tiptoeing around juicy plotlines for fear of spoiling things for their busier friends – has become absurd. The recap ecosystem has suffered, too. How do you cover a show that arrives in one piece? Do you burn through several episodes a day with little time for decent reflection, as the AV Club did recently with Glow? Or do you take your time and give proper attention to one episode a week, even though the show will be a distant memory for most viewers once you have crawled to the finale? It is a minefield.”

From “Make them wait” by Stuart heritage at The Guardian.


Food for thought


A company that uses AI to teach empathy to customers representatives.


A.I. Watch

Today A.I. can accurately… bless you, advise you and bury your loved ones. Meet the robot priests. In Japan, China and India robots already perform rituals only reserved for humans for centuries.
Is it better than humans? At scale, definitely better. Recently a Robot blessed 10,000 people in Germany. Another potential benefit might be that as AI doesn’t have an assigned gender, it might open communication channels across sexes and cultures.

Forecast? Will humans have a spiritual relationship with machines and algorithms? Eventually, we will. Give it 10-15 years.


Tomorrow’s numbers

Humans buy 1 million plastic bottles every second. Every Second.
From “Drowning in plastic

In the US (the world’s largest producer of trash) the scrap metal business is a $32B industry.
From The Hustle

About one-third of the food produced and packaged for human consumption is lost or wasted. That equals 1.3 billion tons a year, worth nearly $680 billion.
From The New York Times

52% of all podcast listeners use Apple Podcast as their channel of preference.
From The Verge

Job openings have exceeded the number of unemployed workers for 17 consecutive months,a dynamic never before seen since the government began tracking the data.
From Axios


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This week’s exploration of possible futures was curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist.

Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash.