Learn Business Transformation and Disrupt Your Industry

Are you looking to take the next step in your business transformation career? We at Hyper Island thought it would be helpful to get a quick insight into the Business Transformation course from one of our very own business transformation superstars, Payam Shalchian. 

Business transformation at Hyper Island

At Hyper Island, we know that people want to understand the changes happening in professional cultures on a deeper level.

The organizations who have flourished because of these shifts have done so by transforming inside out and outside in. Our Business Transformation course helps you to understand and tackle disruptive business challenges, to deliver new kinds of value for your customers.

Learning business transformation by doing

As one of the facilitators of the Business Transformation course, Payam plays a critical role in helping students understand what change and transformation is, why it is important, relevant and exploring what might happen if we don’t change or transform. We decided to delve a bit deeper into his role at Hyper Island.

HI: We know you as Payam, but who are you really?
P: I am a modern day strategist: systems thinker with my head, designer at heart, and a generalist by circumstance. I employ design tools and processes to help organizations, businesses, and institutions realize what they should be doing next, how they could do it, and most importantly, why they should be doing it in the first place.

I care for value-based outcomes over revenue-driven outputs. I push my clients towards a customer-centric world view, and I hold a bias towards learning by doing.

HI: Who is the Business Transformation course for?
P: This course is best suited for change agents whose intention is to mobilize, accelerate and manage change in their workplace in order to lead the transformation of their business to a more relevant, resilient and responsive organization.

HI: What top 5 key takeaways will/can a participant walk away with after a completed course?
P: 1. A fresh or a refreshed perspective on organizational change.
2. Tools and frameworks to navigate change.
3. Openness and skills for effective communication.
4. A case for change and an implementable action plan.
5. A network and community of like-minded change agents.

HI: Why should anyone take the Business Transformation course at Hyper Island?
P: This course is an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning, learning by doing, and the ability to focus away from the distractions of your everyday work for three days – in a unique setting. Taking this course is also a reminder of the significance of individual leaders in driving change and building businesses responsibly.