It’s about time

There are three ways in which we assess our lives: What we've done in the past, what we are doing right now, and what we are going to do in the future.

The version of ourselves in the future should be the better version (Steven Pinker would agree). And with good reason: the future is full of possibilities, with products and algorithms that are designed to make our life easier and more fulfilling.

A general consensus about the future is that we will enjoy more free time, since most of our time-consuming problems will be automated, solved and/or improved.

But, why wait? You can start preparing for the future right now.

What’s changing: Friday, February 16th, 2018

Mental Energizer

“So there are two major themes of the decline of advertising jobs, one that has to do with the companies that now create them and one that has to do with the way brands prefer to market themselves nowadays. In short, the future of the advertising business is being moved to technology companies managing ad networks and media companies making branded content—that is, away from the ad agencies.”

From Where Did All the Advertising Jobs Go? by Derek Thompson in The Atlantic.

Food for thought


A concept created by Aviv Ovadya who believes that, “Our platformed and algorithmically optimized world is vulnerable — to propaganda, to misinformation, to dark targeted advertising from foreign governments — so much so that it threatens to undermine a cornerstone of human discourse: the credibility of fact.”


Curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist @inakiescudero