How Hyper Island Alumni Are Empowering Companies With Brand Purpose

Full-Time Master’s Students from Manchester have submitted their Industry Research Projects (equivalent of a Master's Thesis) this week. We thought we would check in with some of them to talk through their journey and what’s to come next!

As it turns out, several of them are launching companies, so this will be one in a series of three posts on this changemaking topic.

Patrick Viert and Raffael Leu are students on the Digital Management Masters in Manchester. They have already founded a company – silent&sober – a creative consultancy launched only last week! Yes, that’s the same week as the project deadline. Respect!

We chatted to Patrick and Raffael about the IRP, Hyper Island and all things silent&sober.

What is silent&sober’s objective?

Patrick: silent&sober is a creative consultancy dedicated to supporting Swiss companies and their brands in asserting themselves in the market, on the basis of their positive impact on society and the environment.

What are you offering?

Raffael: We at silent&sober are convinced that in times of radical transparency, companies are more exposed than ever. Because of changing social and ecological demands, companies are coming under pressure. A new way of thinking is needed. Used correctly, brand purpose empowers companies that strive not only for financial success but also for a positive impact on society and the environment to assert themselves on the market. Together with clients, silent&sober develops and activates brand purpose, which positively influences internal and external stakeholders.

What is your purpose?

Patrick: We are on our way to becoming a B Corp certified company. B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. silent&sober is committed to working for the common good of a wide range of stakeholders and is collaborating with clients who share this philosophy or wish to explore this path together. This is our way of having an impact. This is our purpose.

What learnings drove you to where you are now with your company?

Patrick: For more than ten years, we have both been dealing with the challenges that digitalisation poses for companies and their brands. The Digital Management course at Hyper Island, however, has once again opened up completely new perspectives for us. Above all, we learned an incredible amount of new methodologies, valuable frameworks and useful tools. The knowledge of how complex processes can be meaningfully designed is of great value.

You were launching silent&sober while you were writing your IRP. How have you used this to your advantage?

Raffael: Good question! We didn’t have to ask ourselves the question of leisure activities anymore?! Joking aside, we have both aligned our IRPs in such a way that the research allowed us to build knowledge that gives us concrete added value in our day-to-day business. Raffael, for example, has looked into the question of whether purpose-driven brands do enable better brand experiences. With his work “Decoding the concept of Purpose for CEOs in Switzerland”, Patrick took a critical look at a new organisational way of thinking for companies and explored the potential of purpose for the Swiss market.

Check out silent&sober here

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Thanks silent&sober. Have an ace day.