Everything in 2018 will be bigger, faster and smarter

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What’s changing: Friday, December 15th, 2017

  1. The job market is changing and we expect 2018 to hit on all the keywords: mobility, flexibility, customer centricity, data science, machine learning and soft skills. What’s going to be the most important soft skill to have according to hiring managers? (Hint: Think Darwin) (via Linkedin) Freelancing will be a bigger thing next year. And even bigger in 2027 (via World Economic Forum). But, if you decide to keep your job, we’ll guess you’ll run or bike to it. So says Strava. Who would want to drive anyway knowing the crazy cost of tolls? If you knew what’s going to be like to drive in the near future, you might want to raise your hand now.
  2. Games already represent a more profitable industry than movies. You knew that. But, did you know about some of the latest and coolest innovations in games this year? (via The Guardian) . Even if games are not your thing, you need to watch Ready Player One in March. Games are transforming the world and 2018 will be better for it.
  3. Big cities, no sand, and water everywhere. Maybe you didn’t know, but we are running out of sand. Yeah, that stuff you find in your summer shoes. Elsewhere, we’ve been so bad at managing green spaces in our cities that just about the average-sized superstorm could flood your city. So, we are asking the Dutch to share their secrets as they know a thing or two about water management. Unfortunately, megacities are not designed for populations of 20+ million people. But don’t worry, the future is looking good.

Reflection (i)

Find somewhere quiet, grab a pen and paper, and set a timer for five minutes. During this time, reflect on the following question: Which active role can I play today that will influence the future in a positive way?


Curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist @inakiescudero