Alumni Q&A- Linda Hugestrand of NA-KD

We speak with Alumni Linda Hugestrand of NA-KD on what it takes to dare to learn new skills and turn them into your next role. A long time brand builder in the automotive industry, Linda now works with Influencer Marketing in Fashion.

“Linda, you must speak with Linda!” was the response from Course Leader Thomas Bjork when we asked about an alumni to sync with regarding our Online Digital Marketing Course. We wanted to tap into a participant’s experience and learn about how it has informed their career trajectory. Linda’s story is compelling and so we reached out and she was thrilled to participate. Linda undertook the course this past winter after over 10 years working in marketing and communications for one of the world’s leading automobile brands. She was a part of industry setting product launches that have helped that legacy organization transform for the digital age. But, there came a time when she decided to pause, reflect, learn and change things up. And fortunately, part of that time was spent with us learning in a new and ever changing marketing landscape.

My biggest surprise was how much I didn’t know! Mainly about the importance of psychology and human behaviour in crucial parts of the purchasing funnel online.

Hear first hand the motivations, challenges and reflections from the learning experience had by Linda in this Q&A below.

Describe the impact of this course in one sentence?
To be relevant for a marketing role today, you need these insights.

You took this course, after almost 10 years with one of the world’s strongest automobile brands. How did that inform your experience? And in what ways were you surprised?

My biggest surprise was how much I didn’t know! Mainly about the importance of psychology and human behaviour in crucial parts of the purchasing funnel online. Every tiny detail matters to avoid friction for the user or customer, from where the link or button is located to what colour it has.

A key takeaway is that even within your target audience you have groups that consume information in different ways so it’s very important to serve all groups with different content, their preferred way, but with the same message. I believe many companies just apply the same thinking they have for traditional marketing but in a digital channel without really understanding what’s needed to pursue a potential customer through all steps of the funnel. To post a film on a social channel and answering a comment on Instagram doesn’t mean you master digital marketing. It’s quite a lot more to it.

During the course what project did you pick for yourself or organization to work on? What was your experience with it?

I wanted to explore the (for me) unknown area of influencer marketing. So I teamed up with influencer Frida Ramstedt, owner and founder of Sweden’s most read interior blog “Trendenser”. She had a book launch coming up so the timing was perfect! We experimented a lot over the course and she learnt as much as I did, so it was a win-win. And yes, sales went great 🙂

Can you tell us about your new role and organization? How did your experience with Hyper Island inform what you decided to do next?

During the course I fell in love with the immediate responses and results in digital marketing. I wanted to continue working with influencer marketing and digital marketing – so I went to digital fashion brand NA-KD to do exactly that.

Any advice for someone thinking of making a change in their career?
Go for it and don’t get caught up in other people’s views. Answer your own questions. No one knows you better than you.

Linda Hugestrand is managing influencer and brand collaborations at NA-KD, one of Europe’s fastest growing companies.

Also, explore more about Trendenser and Frida Ramstedt on her blog and Instagram.