10 Weeks to Digital Strategy

How we learn is equally important to what we learn, and that’s why we balance our programs and offerings through a content and process model designed to meet the needs of learners. Learn more about how we approach Digital Strategy through a flexible and impact oriented in-person 10 week part-time course.

We’re often asked to articulate the differences in our offerings. It can be confusing at first, but what we have tried to do is design programs and learning experiences to meet the needs of where the learners are at in terms of time commitment, investment availability and location.

What this has meant is a portfolio of opportunities across online and in-person, all developed in a way to ensure insights and learnings are applied directly into one’s role and organization. One specific course designed in a unique format is our 10 week part-time Digital Strategy program, offered currently in Stockholm. While it has a local draw, we have had participants from across Europe enrolled and commute weekly and as far as Brazil temporarily relocate to Sweden, truly living that digital nomad lifestyle.

How does it work?


Over the 10-week program period you can expect 4 full in-person days, and 6 evenings together with the group. Full-days are dedicated to establishing purpose and culture, deep dives into specific content areas and for presentations. Evenings are dedicated more to speaker sessions and hands-on workshops. (There is also a more intensive version offered over a 5-day period for those who can manage the availability).

Speaker Sessions

These sessions are facilitative led workshops each week with industry experts, all conducted in English. You can learn more about past and current guests here.

Individual Tasks

Each week you will have the opportunity to take on individual tasks, in addition to group workshops, that you can leverage immediately into your workflow in your organization. The course is designed to maximize impact for you in real time. Set aside at least 1-hour a week for individual tasks, but by all means lean in as much as your schedule allows.

“Relying on companies that are digital to make the connection to your consumers is short sighted in allowing them to take your learnings. It was a humbling experience to create an idea and then have our assumptions crushed by 100 consumers in less than 3 minutes. Learning by prototyping could speed up the journey to an organization that learns.”

Alumni, Fintan Collier


Over the course of your learning journey you will learn to activate and bring strategy to life for a digital, networked world. We believe in diversity and in this course you will get a chance to work across functions with everyone from marketers to product developers to HR leaders and designers. By doing so, you will understand the full effects and opportunities that a new mindset, and capabilities across prototyping and ideation, to data and testing and facilitation and culture change can enable you to accomplish in your organization. We’ve even had past participants pivot careers and launch their own companies through the learnings they harvested.

Here you can read about the experience and the impact it add for course alumni Fintan Collier, Senior Global Digital Brand Manager.

Next Steps

This coming September we will run our next 10 week part-time offering from Sept 30 – Dec 2, 2019. The next 5-day intensive offering of the course runs Nov 11-15, 2019.

For more information read all about Digital Strategy and download its syllabus for more information on the content, tools & frameworks you will experience along with the underpinnings of our methodology at Hyper Island.