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The Hyper Island alumni community is for everyone that has graduated from a program or course. We offer you the chance to form part of a community with more than +5000 people around the world. Our mission is to connect you to each other and facilitate lifelong learning.


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  • Hypertalks podcast

    Hypertalks is a Hyper Island student-run podcast. It was started by some Digital Business students a few years back and, in 2017, the torch was handed to five Digital Data Strategy students in Stockholm. Listen and learn about trends, innovations and hear interesting stories from industry experts.

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Blog posts

Alumni stories from our blog

Hyper Island students are rolling with Volvo Group

Over the course of 72 intensive hours, 250 Hyper Island students developed 40 hacks to help the Volvo Group create new services for connected and electric trucks in cities. Here’s what went down.

“The Hyper Island Way is learning by doing”

Rasmus Noah Hansen loved co-facilitating the Hyper Island Way course so much that he took to LinkedIn to tell his network all about it. We love his energy and wanted to share a shorter version here. Thanks, Rasmus!

“Hyper Island helped me understand that transformation is a marathon”

Angela Yong has been at the forefront of innovation within IT systems and business development in Sweden for the past 20 years. She tell us why she took our online course Driving Transformation and how it helped her to keep on innovating.

How Charlotte Found the Missing Link in her Career

Going to school in Switzerland was a great start but Charlotte Aubry needed real-world insights and approaches that would help her stand out from the crowd. Hyper Island helped her develop both.

Driving personal and professional transformation with Daniela De Barros Nabholz

Mother-of-two Daniela De Barros Nabholz found the professional tools and mindset she needed in the online Driving Transformation course to rejoin the workforce.

“Attending the course together meant we could start brainstorming immediately”

Art directors Karin Vreeswijk and Lisette van Elst from The Netherlands chose to attend the Digital Acceleration course at Hyper Island to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new paradigms, technologies and ways of working in the digital age.

Tiago’s top 5 prototyping tools for digital product designers in 2019

We asked Amsterdam-based product designer and AI researcher (and Hyper Island alumni) Tiago Varandas to update his list of favorite interaction design tools.

Cristiano’s 10,000 Km Learning Journey Has Only Just Begun

Leaving your home country to study and work abroad can become hard if you don't have contacts or speak the language. Meet Cristiano, who came to Hyper Island from Brazil and has since gone on to work at one of Sweden’s fastest-growing tech companies.

Beyond borders: Learning by doing

Meet Yoshinori Sakuno, a student of a part-time master's program at Hyper Island in Singapore.
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