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The Hyper Island alumni community is for everyone that has graduated from a program or course. We offer you the chance to form part of a community with more than +5000 people around the world. Our mission is to connect you to each other and facilitate lifelong learning.


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    Share projects, find new colleagues, inspire and get inspired by like-minded people in our community through daily updates.

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    Connect with fellow Hyper Island alumni, find collaborators for future projects or get first-hand intelligence for that dream company of yours. Search for Hyper Island and then filter on cities, companies or job roles.

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    Are you a Hyper Island alumni and want to mentor a current Hyper Island student? That’s awesome! This is a great way to support and empower next-generation talent!

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    Berlin? Amsterdam? New York? Singapore? Regardless of where in the world you are, we can (almost) guarantee that there are other alumni around. Connect your local alumni community by hosting a meetup with the support of our pre-designed learning experience. Get those Hyper Island tools back on the wall!

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  • Hypertalks podcast

    Hypertalks is a Hyper Island student-run podcast. It was started by some Digital Business students a few years back and, in 2017, the torch was handed to five Digital Data Strategy students in Stockholm. Listen and learn about trends, innovations and hear interesting stories from industry experts.

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    In order to keep adding value to your learning journey, we want to better understand how a Hyper Island alumni community can best support you in solving problems that matter.


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Blog posts

Alumni stories from our blog

How to Transform Frustration into Willpower

Discover out how Hyper Island alumnus Eric Lee turned his frustration into Yangon’s first design school in this, the first in our new PTMA Transformational Stories series.

Walking the Talk in Antwerp

Reinforcing company culture is crucial to the long-term success of any digital transformation process. This is central to Hyper Island philosophy and close to the hearts of the 23 user experience architects and designers at Monkeyshot in Antwerp. We spoke to Michiel and Anne to see what makes them tick.

How to land a job at Spotify

Wondering how you can get hired by an exciting company? Hyper Island can help launch your career at top agencies, tech companies and corporations. We generate creative talent sought after by companies worldwide, including Apple, Coca-Cola, Google, Huge, Nike and Spotify.

Learning is an endless journey that starts at Hyper Island

A ballerina and more in a past life, Ashley Back decided to change paths. She took on the challenge with Hyper Island and has embraced both the lifelong learning methodology and her new career.

UX Director and alumni Dan Nessler on his thirst for learning and why he shares

We met up with Dan and talked to him about his journey since graduating from Hyper Island.

Hyper Island was exactly what I needed to boost my career opportunities in Sweden

She never expected what an impact the move would have on her career - and how Hyper Island would help her accelerate it.
Singpore POst-it

A Learner’s Journey: Q&A with Eunice Hong

A Senior Designer at Proctor & Gamble and a part-time Masters student at Hyper Island shares her thoughts on her passions in the digital world.
Dagny Interview

‘Hyper Island slows things down for people coming from an industry where constant speed is a problem.’

We met with Interactive Art Director student Dagny from Iceland
Meet louise

‘Hyper Island’s methodology made me feel like I have more control over my life’ – meet Louise

Louise spoke with us about her journey to and from Hyper Island.
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