Welcome to our Stockholm hub and global head office. This is where talent and leaders explore solutions to the problems of tomorrow.

Hyper Island in Stockholm

At our Stockholm hub we offer individuals and businesses a range of programs, executive education and tailor made solutions. We work across emerging technology, business transformation and design thinking.

Our hub is located at Telefonplan where Ericsson's old factories have turned into a post-industrial design center.

Our programs in Stockholm

The rapid digital change is disrupting different industries. The way we think today may not be the same tomorrow. What does the talent of tomorrow need to succeed in this ever-changing landscape?

In Stockholm we currently train: Digital Media Creatives, Digital Data Strategists, Mobile Creatives, Motion Creatives and Interactive Art Directors. We also run a part-time Digital Strategy course.

In all programs our students help organisations solve their business problems.

Executive Education

In Stockholm we offer executive education in Business Transformation and Digital Acceleration. We also offer our clients solutions tailored to solve their problems.

What is happening at Hyper Island

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Contact us

Mail us or call us +46 8 744 30 50.