Welcome to Hyper Island Manchester. Home of disruption, the birth place of the Industrial Revolution, Computer Science and today? Today it houses a booming digital economy and is amongst the largest, most exciting start-up scenes in Europe.

Hyper Island in Manchester

Our school is set in the Northern Quarter, also known as the creative hub of Manchester. Students here experience an immersive learning journey in a well resourced studio environment to stimulate innovation and creativity. Find out more about our MA Courses, our Tailored Solutions and our Master Classes.

MA Digital Management

This Masters level Digital Management program prepares you to become a game changing leader in digital media. It is designed with tangible global industry needs in mind. This is where you understand the ideas and processes that drive some of the world’s most successful and innovative companies.

MA Experience Design

This programme offers a transformative learning experience delivered by UX thought leaders and practitioners. The programme combines: human interaction, technology, business and research methods with real world application. Hyper Island develops the experience designers and the UX leaders of the future.

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Tailored Solutions

From embracing digital to understanding big societal shifts. From unlocking the potential of your organization to connecting with the people within it, we can design solutions specifically tailored to your business needs.

Our Manchester Team

Sarah Gee Vikki Greenhalgh Max Larcombe David Mccall [Meesha Birch] James Brook Jessica Geary Tash Willcocks

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Any Questions?

Big questions, small questions, silly, serious, tentative, creative and even the ones you might be scared to ask. They’re all welcome, and James is always happy to help out. Email him at: