Work with the best

Hyper Island is made up by a network of wonderful people. They learn with us, challenge the status quo with us, dream with us and change with us. We are so very proud to be working with so many bright, fun, daring, life-long learners, and we want to give you the opportunity to do the same.

We work with the best, and so should you. 

Meet some of our people


Ashkan Fardost

Ashkan is a scientist, investor, global speaker, and advisor. He helps companies and students to understand how digital tech and the internet shape industries, societies and humans. He is a highly experienced public speaker and broadcaster.


Hazel Swayne

Hazel is a speaker, learning designer, and facilitator. She works with huge clients all over the world, helping them to navigate our complex and ambigious world. She specialises in building learning programmes for organizational development, business transformation, and digital integration.


Christina Andersson

Christina is a facilitator and business leader with 120 years experience in the digital, tech, and creative industries. She has helped Hyper Island to expand across the world over the last 10 years, and now focuses on supporting our global clients with their change acceleration.

Mikael Ahlstrom

Mikael Ahlström

Mikael is a global speaker on digital transformation and the CEO/Founder of Sprout Park, a group of media and communications companies based in Stockholm. He has 20+ years experience working on business development and entrepreneurial possibilities.

åsa rexare

Åsa Rexare

Åsa is the head of learning experience at Hyper Island and a learning designer and facilitator with 22 years experience. She can work at all scales, from leading large-scale change programmes to working 1-on-1 with individuals and leaders.

Jonathan Briggs

Jonathan Briggs

Jonathan is a co-founder of Hyper Island and perhaps our most knowledgable and provocative speaker. He has decades of experience working at the cutting edge of education and digital. He is a skilled facilitator and learning designer, but it is in keynote speeches where he inspires and enlightens audiences with his depth and breadth of knowledge.

Is this what you need?

  • Inspirational speaker

    Our network consists of a broad range of speakers that all delivers eye-opening sessions on the latest technologies, innovation, design, leadership and culture.

  • Facilitator

    Facilitation is at the heart of everything we do and we happily plan and create a whole workshop for you where we lead you through a tailored learning journey or just be there as a facilitator of your workshop.

  • Moderator

    We moderate everything from kick-offs and company events to larger conferences and hackathons, and always to make it energized and immersive for the audience.

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