Welcome to Hyper Island 

We’re really excited to meet you in person soon. In the meantime, we have gathered some useful information to help you start your journey with us.

Your journey

Your Hyper Island journey starts here

We’re really excited to welcome you to Hyper Island and the part-time MA in Digital Management in London.

During your time at Hyper Island you will be in an immersive learning experience delivered by digital leaders and pioneers. You will learn a broad range of topics, including design thinking, digital technology, business transformation, Innovation, strategy and research methods with real-world application.

You will embark on a transformative journey to becoming a new kind of leader, who is adaptive, collaborative and creatively driven, who can go beyond conventional thinking and practices to create effective teams and business value.

 You will leave Hyper Island unafraid to innovate and change the rules. We are excited to follow you and support you on this journey. Welcome! 



Manchester Campus 

Our Foundation Days and Wrap-up days  will be held at our school in Manchester to give you a chance to immerse yourself fully in our methodologies and processes, readying your mindset for the rest of the MA.

The address is:
Hyper Island
26 Lever Street
M1 1DZ

London Campus 


After the Foundation Days, all campus days will be held at x+why Space, a new co-working space located on the city’s doorstep, in the heart of Whitechapel.


The address is:
People’s Mission Hall
20-30 Whitechapel Rd
Shadwell, London
E1 1EW




Our favourite nearby hotel is Abode, you might also want to check out Airbnb for a nice room in the Northern Quarter where our school is located. 

Another two accommodation options to consider are:

Motel One

Manchester Piccadilly is the best station to arrive by train and Manchester Airport if you’re flying in. Trains run directly to Piccadilly station from the airport.


There are many accommodation options in London, here are some suggested hotels nearby Hyper Island:

Qbic Hotel London City
Clayton Hotel- City of london
Hotel Indigo London – Tower Hill
Hotel Motel One London Tower Hill, Minories, London
New Road Hotel, New Road, London

You might  also want to check out Airbnb for a nice room in the Central and East London area where the campus days space is  located.


Weaving Whitechapel’s local craft, community, multiculturalism and attitude of advancement into our design and framework, we’ve made our neighbourhood our muse.

Bridging Central and East London, Whitechapel is an intricate blend of history, tradition, art and enterprise: from the rush of the rag trade to the legendary market culture, from the Irish, Jewish and Bangladeshi influence to intrepid art, and arguably the best Asian food in all of the sprawling metropolis. 

Tayyabs, Fieldgate Street, London Indian Food

Spitalfields Market 

Your first week

Your first week - Manchester

Your first days on the programme will be all about getting to know each other, building connections as a group and working with Hyper Island’s methodology. The week focuses on creating a solid foundation for the remainder of the programme.


FOUNDATION DAYS: Hyper Island Foundation Days are between 11h to 14th September.



Wednesday 11th (Breakfast from 08:45) 09:30 – 17:00
Thursday 12th 09:00 – 17:00
Friday 13th 09:00 – 21:00
Saturday 14th 09:00 – 16:00

Your Team

Your Hyper Island Team 

The team at Hyper Island will be on hand to answer questions and mentor you through this learning journey. The team includes:

GABRIELA TRIFFILETTI Programme Leader MA Part-time London
Designs and facilitates the Part-Time London Programme. Co-designs campus days content with industry leaders, speakers and clients. Supports and follows-up learning process.

ROB POTTSProgramme Leader MA Full-time MCR & Research Lead
Helps guide and facilitate research and academic learning/questions.

TASH WILLCOCKSHead of School & Programme Leader 
Oversees the Masters courses in Europe, curates and quality checks the programmes quality and learning design in collaboration with the Programmes’ Team and Industry.

EMMA COLLEDGE – Administrative Coordinator
Students and programme admin support including the maintenance and recording of participation, grades and timetables.



Your program leader

Gabriela Triffiletti 

Gabriela is a Hyper Island post-graduate and Program Leader for the Part-time Master in London. She combines an eclectic mix and unique background of media from her roles as Marketing Director of Argentina’s News Paper Los Andes through helping to create its online presence, her entrepreneurial leadership as a Small Business Owner and private wine merchant, her theater production as Executive Director of Theatre for the People in Madrid, an MBA lecturer as a Faculty Member of ESIC Business & Marketing in Spain and as a consultant working with ITC agency of the United Nations to address the refugee crisis through a digital platform, that connects skilled refugee linguists with businesses in need of translation. She fundamentally believes in a collaborative creative process that empowers teams to challenge ideas and ultimately impact society and our world.

Mob: +44 (0)7950 249 201


Campus Days

Campus Days Schedule 


11 Sep – 14 Sep (Wed-Sat) Foundation Days – Hyper Island Manchester

26 Sep – 28 Sep (Thu-Sat) Design Thinking Intro Days – London 

25 Oct – 27 Oct (Fri-Sun) Design Thinking Outro Days – London 

05 Dec – 07 Dec (Thu-Sat) Digital Technologies Intro  – London 



10 Jan – 12 Jan (Fri-Sun) Digital Technologies Outro – London 

20 Feb – 22 Feb (Thu-Sat)  Business Transformation Intro – London 

13 Mar – 15 Mar (Fri-Sun)  Business Transformation Outro – London 

23 Apr – 25 Apr (Thu-Sat)  Innovation Project Intro – London 

29 May – 31 May (Fri-Sun) Innovation Project Outro – London 

09 Jul –  11 Jul (Thu-Sat) Wrap up Days – Hyper Island Manchester 

3 Aug –  14 Dec Industry Research Project – Off-site 


London Campus day timings: 

First Day: 09:00 – 17:00

Second Day: 09:00 – 18:00

Third Day: 09:00 – 16:00

Campus days represent only 1/3 of the time commitment for the programme.

Programme Overview

Digital Management Programme Overview

Study Mode 

You will spend an average of three days per month at our campus days.

Outside of the campus days your learning will continue through a blend of online learning experiences and independent study building on the campus days.

You should consider your workplace as a place of research in order to apply your learning and develop your skills and knowledge.


Hyper Island Communication Channels 


Student email account
You will be issued with a Hyper Island email account. This email account will be in your name as requested in your student agreement. In the following weeks, you will be given access to this account. Instructions on how to complete email setup will be shared with you during the Foundation Days. Your email account will be for formal communication and extension requests. 

Join the student Slack group
You will receive an invite to join the Slack group for this part-time MA programme when you receive your Hyper Island email. You’ll be able to use this channel to collaborate, ask and answer questions from each other, and us. Slack will be the main communication channel between your programme leader and crew for announcements, link sharing, discussions and Q&A. 

Google Drive
A student Google Drive will be set up prior to the programme start date. This will include private individual student folders where you will submit work. It will also include all course information, campus days photo storage and a shared drive which can be used to collaborate with peers on projects. You will be invited to join the drive during the Foundation Days. 


Hyper Island MA PT 20 LDN & STO

By becoming a member of this group, you will be able to network with STO & LDN crew, industry leaders and guest speakers.  


Registration & Enrolment

Teesside Registration & Enrolment 

Teesside Registration
All students must register online with Teesside University using this link (also in your admissions letter). Once this has been completed you will receive an official letter of acceptance from Teesside University. This letter can be used for funding applications (if applicable).

Prior to the start of the programme you will be enrolled with Teesside University. This is separate to your enrolment with Hyper Island and will be completed by a Teesside representative before you start the programme. 

You will also be formally enrolled onto the programme on your first foundation day in Manchester by a Hyper Island representative. A representative from Hyper Island will email you a month prior to the enrolment date to remind you what documents you are required to bring in order to enrol. 

All students are required to bring a valid passport/EU ID card and their original degree certificate or official translation (if applicable).



Programme Handbook

Student Handbook 

The Student Handbook contains everything you need to know about the programme, the content as well as the academic regulations, and our approach to learning, so make sure you give it a look over. Link here

To do list

To do list before the Program begins

  • Pre-task: please fill out this survey.
  • As soon as you receive your Hyper Island email, please create your slack profile and say hi to your crew.
  • Please ensure you complete your online registration with Teesside University before the programme starts. Link: here
  • Take a close look at the campus dates and add them to your calendar.
  • Review the Students’ Handbook.
  • Join our private LinkedIn group: Hyper Island MA PT 20 LDN & STO  where you can connect with your peers.
  • Have a look at our suggested reading list below to get started with. 


Reading List

Suggested Reading List 

For those ready to already get going, have a look at our suggested
reading list below to get started with. You do not need to and are not expected to buy all of the books in the reading material list, but if you want to get a head start on some topics then here is a good place to start.

Become an essay writing guru

Teesside online critical writing tutorial

Reflexive Writing 



A warm welcome to Hyper Island!

We look forward to meeting you in September!