Welcome to Karlskrona

We’re really excited to meet you in person soon. In the meantime, we have gathered some useful information to help you start your journey with us.

World heritage by the Baltic Sea

Welcome to Karlskrona, the birthplace of Hyper Island!

Declared a world heritage by UNESCO, Karlskrona is a city that lives and breathes history. With Sweden’s richest historical heritage right outside the door and a 360-degree ocean view, Hyper Island Karlskrona is the perfect place for creativity. Our students in Karlskrona develop their talent in an environment full of inspirational beauty.

The benefits of studying in Karlskrona are abundant; there are fewer distractions on the wind-swept islands, the fresh air seems to facilitate the flow of ideas, and the sense of freedom and closeness to nature allows for a nurturing learning environment. You can find the official guide to Karlskrona here.


Hyper Island is situated on Stumholmen, a small island connected to the main island of Trossö and the city center by a short 5-minute walk. Read more about the campus here.

The address for the school is Bastionsgatan 8, 371 32 Karlskrona.

Getting around

In and around the city center of Trossö, which is where most of our students live; everything is more-or-less 10 minutes away, either on foot or by bike. You can find almost everything you need on the island, but if you want to visit the shopping centers just outside of town then you’ll need to depart from the bus terminal at Höglands Park.

The bus terminal serves the Karlskrona municipal area, and you can pretty much get anywhere you need to go from there. Buses depart every 10 minutes.

Traveling to Karlskrona
Karlskrona is serviced by Ronneby Airport, which is a quick 30-minute drive from the city, Airport shuttles leave 90-minutes prior to a flights departure time from Karlskrona city center.

Also, you can hitch a ride by train using the national SJ commuter rail service from downtown Karlskrona. Copenhagen is just a 3 hour train ride away. Read more about public transport here.


Finding a place to call home

Here are some tips to keep in mind when hunting for an apartment:


An apartment in Karlskrona can range from 2,500 – 5,000 SEK per month depending on size.

There are many smaller landlords and property managers in Karlskrona. They’re usually very friendly and accommodating if they have any vacant apartments available. The housing market is not nearly as stressful in Karlskrona as it is in Stockholm or in other bigger cities in Sweden.


Any place that is near Hyper Island or Trossö is a great location. Other good locations are Långö, Björkholmen, Galgamarken, and Kungsmarken.

Additional Information

Other useful information

If you need to consult a doctor, you can make an appointment at a local health clinic (Vårdcentral). This usually costs 150 – 300 SEK for a consultation. You can also call 1177 for free over the phone medical guidance or search for information here. In the event of an emergency dial 112.

Most international students tend to use Skype or WhatsApp to stay connected with friends and family back home, but they also use a pay-as-you-go SIM card for local calls and data services. We recommend Comviq and Halebop.

If you’re bringing a phone from home, make sure it’s unlocked and will allow a foreign sim card. The dialing code for Sweden is +46.