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“Any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st”

– David S. Rose

We live in an age of constant and accelerating change. The opportunity is unprecedented, but so is the scale of uncertainty, complexity and chaos. To survive and thrive, people and organizations must constantly learn, unlearn and relearn.

"The whole society is going through a great digital transformation"

– Per Carleö, Marketing Director Volvo Cars Sweden

Volvo Cars commissioned Hyper Island to equip their leadership, marketing teams and retailer network with digital competencies and mindset.

Digital skills & mindsets

Volvo Cars Case Study

94% of the Aftonbladet employees feel more comfortable discussing digital opportunities.

Aftonbladet, Sweden's leading newspaper in print and online, collaborated with Hyper Island to become an online media company by increasing knowledge within online journalism, social media and business development in a world in constant change.

Enabling continuous innovation

Aftonbladet Case Study

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