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Welcome to Hyper Island; one of Europe’s leading tech, design, advertising, and business schools. We offer full-time programs and admit high-school graduates from across the USA to study at our school in Stockholm, Sweden.

With Hyper Island, you are joining a huge global network of industry leaders and students that are working for some of today’s leading brands.


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What is Hyper Island?

When multimedia pioneers Jonathan Briggs, David Erixon and Lars Lundh met to work on a CD-ROM project, little did they know that they were at the beginning of a journey of lifelong learning that would impact tens of thousands of students and businesses over more than twenty years.

The year was 1996 and, as they got to know each other better, they discovered that they had something in common: not one of them had enjoyed learning as kids. They were frustrated about the linear and fixed way of teaching in a constantly changing world that is far more complex than what the traditional schools seemed to teach. So, they put together an alternative way of learning, with experience of learning by doing at its core.

There would be no right or wrong at this school, no teachers and no homework. Instead, students would be involved in real projects where they would learn by doing to solve problems that matter. They would be inspired to focus on team collaboration instead of individual effort, and get the skills to work effectively and innovative together.

Today, Hyper Island has a global presence and is renowned in the industry for its progressive methodology and its lively community of young talents, forward-thinking thought leaders, and experts coming from all corners of the globe. 

Career opportunities

Hyper Island students get hired

We use the insights to design our courses and programs to help get you ready to meet the evolving demands of the market. In other words, study at Hyper Island and you’ll get an education that leads to a great job.

Here are just a sample of the job titles our students get after graduating from some of our popular programs.


Hyper Island students find a job or start a company within six months of graduating.


Job listings posted each week on our Job Board from companies looking to hire Hyper Island students and graduates


Companies signed up to hire graduates from Hyper Island’s programs. Among them, Apple, H&MB-Reel and Volvo.

Recent US alumni students

Julie Baes

Julie Baes

Senior User Experience Lead, Victoria's Secret

Andrea Meilgaard

Andrea Meilgaard

Product Manager, Zero Studios

Edvard Gezin

Edvard Gezin

Interaction Designer, Mercedes-Benz R&D

Olivier Gillaizeau

Olivier Gillaizeau

Creative Director, Airbnb

What is a yrkeshögskola?

Hyper Island is a school focused on becoming real-world ready with hands-on learning.

Higher Vocational Education (Yrkeshögskolan) is a post-high school form of education that combines theoretical and practical studies in close cooperation with employers and industry. Programs are offered in specific fields where there is an explicit demand for competence.

You can learn more about this here.

How we are different

Hyper Island is different

At Hyper Island we practice experience-based learning; no textbooks, tests or traditional teachers. Ours is a learning-by-doing culture where you will be a part of a collaborative and high-energy environment that mirrors modern workplace dynamics. Surrounded by a diverse set of talent and industry experts from all over the world, you will get a chance to create solutions based on real problems and real clients.

  • Learn from the very best

    We don’t have teachers at Hyper Island, instead our students interact with and learn from industry experts that are sourced from our worldwide network to provide the most cutting-edge content.

  • Equal focus on personal and professional growth

    We facilitate learning journeys, where discovering, uncovering, applying and reflecting is all part of the process by which students can achieve their personal and professional growth goals alike. 

  • Get industry relevant skills

    We co-create our curriculum together with our industry network. Our partners know better than anyone what skills and experience are needed to get hired in the high-growth industries of today and tomorrow.

Moving to Sweden

Thousands of Americans move to Sweden each year to enjoy the beautify countryside, work with leading brands, and take advantage of everything Sweden has to offer. And with Hyper Island, you’re right in the middle of the capital city.

We’ve written a guide on how to move to Sweden and there is more information about moving to Sweden for US Citizens on the US Embassy website.

Stockholm is like no other city, it combines urban buzz with huge parks and clean swimmable water. We’re pretty sure you’ll love living here, for its long summer nights, city swimming and countless outdoor terraces. You may even learn to love the Swedish winters, with all the snowmen, fairy lights, and ice skating. Despite being the largest city in Scandinavia, Stockholm conveys a small-town feeling. You can find the official guide to Stockholm here.

We’ve made a more detailed guide about life in Sweden here.


“My time at Hyper Island made me more open-minded, more creative and have really helped me wanting to get out of my comfort-zone.”

Jakob Eberson
Jakob Eberson
Data Strategist @BBH Stockholm

At Hyper Island I learned not only how to create exceptions business results, but also how to create an environment ready for change and where people are eager to develop themselves and the business. For me, this is the two key ingredients for making company’s ready for the future of digitalization.

Cecilia Andersson
Cecilia Andersson
Digital Specialist - Innovatio @ Weekday (H&M)

Hyper Island gave me the foundation to approach creative challenges in a effective manner. I gained an understanding of team dynamics and how to manage processes and culture. Focusing on how to work in order to optimise creativity and feedback within each team.

Linus Hultkrantz
Linus Hultkrantz
UX Designer @Valtech

Student Stories

Read reviews and experiences of previous students from across the world that moved to Sweden to study at Hyper Island and find the career they dreamed of. 

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