Our PhilosophyVision & Values

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Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To become a transformative education provider in Asia for a digital world.

Mission: To design and facilitate learner centered education and professional development that responds directly to the needs of the regional market, the changing digital environment and the global context.

1.Values and Culture

Our Values

Our values are the things that we think are important. They are the foundations on which our practice is built. These value statements unite us as colleagues and as pedagogues. Our working lives and teaching methodologies are built around these 6 elements.

Learn for Life

At Hyper Island learning isn’t contained in a classroom. Through our constructivist methodology we provide students with the tools to support critical thinking, to approach problems with openness and curiosity for a changing world.

Be Real-World Ready

Through market research and active involvement of industry partners, Hyper Island primes people to anticipate complex social and business needs, driven by new insights into industry trends and transformative technology.

Lead the Change

Tomorrow’s leaders will be those who embrace ambiguity, adapt swiftly to new paradigms, and lead by action not rhetoric. Students and staff are trained in self-leadership and change management.

Seize your Potential

We empower passionate participation by challenging students and staff to set ambitious goals and take ownership of their own learning and working.

Team is Everything

Diversity, inclusion and openness is crucial to effective teamwork. Students work in groups throughout all courses, using reflection and feedback to excel in collaboration and outcomes.

Change the World

To be active participants in business and technological innovation, students are encouraged to question the status quo and think about global challenges in an entrepreneurial way.

2.Our Culture

Our culture defines the ways in which we live our values. These are the things that we do in order to achieve our mission and move towards our vision.


Trust and openness provide the basis for constructive working. They enable members of the group to to talk directly and clearly with each other.


Effective feedback is crucial for building good working relationships. This is interpersonal, clear and direct, and focused on performance.


Reflective practice is part of our learning and working methodology. By reflecting on previous experiences we maximise learning for individuals and groups, and take those learnings forward into future tasks.


Building things, concepting, putting forward ideas, and having those ideas challenged and built on is central to our constructivist pedagogy and practice.


Self-leadership is what we strive for. Living and acting our values, supporting co-workers on a professional and personal level, confronting issues when they arise, being positive role models, and ultimately taking responsibility for our actions.


We are all part of a team, and active participation in teams at all levels allows us to tap into collective intelligence. We participate through our actions, attentive listening, and open questioning. We work with group dynamic theories to understand how we can work more effectively together.


We are catalysts for change in education and business. We work with emergent technologies and organisational practices to disrupt current modes of thinking. We fundamentally don’t believe in there being one answer to a problem, so we embrace chaos and complexity to find novel solutions and champion alternative viewpoints.


We are passionate about empowering people and organisations. We live this passion through our design and facilitation, and our students show their passion through their work.