Is there a dissertation?

The final project, the Advanced Work-Based Project, is an individual task that is similar to a dissertation.

Is there a thesis defence?

There is no oral thesis defence.

Is there a payment plan for the course?

Instalments for the course are once every 6 months.

Is the course in Singapore different from the one run in the UK?

Both courses are completely identical.

Is there a similar course in Singapore?

There are no similar courses in Singapore. The main differences are the focus on industry needs, constructivist learning.

Are there any textbooks required in the course?

No text books are given but reading lists will be (for each project).

How are modules incorporated into projects?

Integrated projects are composed of modules.

What happens if I lose my job?

If student lose their job while studying the flexible mode MA and has earned 60 points, then Hyper Island would issue a generic PgDip from Teesside. If 120 credits, then PgDip issued by HI. If 180 credits, then MA in Digital Media Management.