Learn to transform how you design and implement user journeys

User Experience Lab is a 3-day intensive course.


Create real change in your organization

New technologies are changing the nature of your business and it’s time to gain a deeper understanding of how to create real change in your organization. This short course will help you acquire the skills you need to meet the demands of the evolving marketplace.

The aim of the User Experience Lab is to create a safe place to fail. This is a unique chance for you to try new things, that may or may not work. At Hyper Island, it’s always the doing that counts.

Hyper Island changes the way you think about all things digital and even gives you the smarts to actually effect change when you leave.

Michelle Wong
SVP Account Director, Dailey
How it works

What this course is about

You will learn with beginners to those already working in and around the topic, who share these common objectives:

  • Want to know how to design great digital experiences for customers
  • Want knowledge about user design and practical tools for user experience applicable to their work
  • Want a real-world brief to work on and apply tools and techniques

Say hi to the participants

One week before the course starts you’ll be invited to a social network to meet your group and your HI team.

Learn by collaborating

Throughout the 3-days you will have plenty of discussions with your peers, this is where a lot of the learnings happen.


Present your ideas, get feedback and evaluate with your group.

Meet the experts

Lectures with international and local speakers and thought leaders who will share their knowledge and experience.

The UX Lab was an intense, eye-opening experience. It’s impressive what we could achieve together when the right work frameworks, collaboration processes, and techniques are in place. More people should be exposed to this.”

Andre Amaral
Regional ECD, Vocanic

Three days in UX heaven

  • 1

    Big Picture UX & The Fundamentals of Design Thinking in Practice

    • Describe how UX thinking provides business benefits
    • Explore human-centered design thinking and customer journey
      mapping to generate insights
    • Discuss the impact of UX thinking on marketing and
      advertising campaigns
  • 2

    Turning Observations into insights, Psychology of UX, Rapid Iteration and Prototyping

    • Study existing customer journey, determine good/bad user experience
    • Embark on idea generation, selection, and development
    • Prototype and design your solution
  • 3

    Bringing It Home

    • A look into frictions vs opportunities in user experience
    • Tweak your solution
    • Present your ideas back to the client
    • Discuss and identify key learnings and insights from the Lab
    • Discuss opportunities for implementation and application of these learnings, including how to engage colleagues in these ideas (pass-it-on)