Learn and apply the essential tools, techniques and processes of innovation.

A course for professionals who want to put team collaboration to work for them and their organizations. Here’s what you’ll be doing.


Discover a better way to work and lead

In a nutshell, this course explores the essence of being human, connecting with others, and blending technology with the human experience. It covers ways to lead confidently into the unknown with the right tools, methods, approaches, and mindsets that can be applied right away.

You will learn the why and how to apply it. You will learn together with participants with different backgrounds and experiences, get time for practical exercises, discover how to solve problems in an authentic way, and – above all – be present.

Course goals

What the course covers

In many ways an extension of the celebrated Hyper Island Way, this course will pick up where you left off. You will dig deeper into the Content & Process Model (also known as the Walnut Model), how to apply it in different contexts, such as designing a meeting, planning a learning journey or creating a strategy.

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Who takes this course

A course for people interested in learning

This course is for professionals that understand that learning is vital to change – both personal and organizational. Success participants will be those that truly care about purpose and culture and are interested in facilitative leadership.

Are you someone that wants to put the collective wisdom and intelligence of the groups you work with to create better solutions? Are you interested in growth mindsets, not relying on past methods to solve issues? If so, this course is for you.



Our Guiding Principles

We have six key guiding principles that unite, define, and guide the Hyper Island experience:

Learn for Life

At Hyper Island, learning isn’t contained in a classroom or a course. Learning is a way of life.

Real-world ready

We collaborate with thought leaders and experts to anticipate industry needs in a world where innovation drives disruption.

Lead the change

Tomorrow’s leaders will be those who embrace change, adapt swiftly to new paradigms and lead by action.

Seize your potential

Hyper Island challenges people to set ambitious goals and giving them authority over their own learning, and power to realize their potential.

Team is everything

Through feedback and reflection, individuals become more effective team members and leaders.

Change the world

Together, we can change the world by igniting a passion for lifelong learning.

Who you are

Who should take this course

  • People who are genuinely interested in learning.
  • People who understand that learning is vital to change; both personal and organizational.
  • People who care about purpose and culture and they are interested in facilitative leadership.
  • People who want to use the collective wisdom/intelligence of the groups they work with to create better solutions.
  • People interested in growth mindsets, not relying on past methods to solve today’s and tomorrow’s issues.