MA Digital Media Management Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this MA different to others out there?

Our MAs at Hyper Island are different from other MAs in two key ways: the content and the learning experience. You can watch this short video to find out more from our students about what they’ve learnt



And you can find out more about our methodology (learning experience) here https://www.hyperisland.com/about/philosophy

Who is the programme leader for MA Digital Media Management?

Your programme leader is Tash Wilcox, who, joined the Hyper Island team from the University of Salford as the Head of M.A communication design and Head of 3rd year B.A Graphic Design. Tash is a designer, illustrator and all-round creative and has worked on many design jobs ranging from cover designs for Elbow to motion graphics for Mika’s world tour as well as a music photographer for the likes of Jack Daniels and Arcadia.

How is the MA programme structured and how much contact time will I have?

This MA is made up of 5 projects and an Industry Research Project. Each project will be delivered by an Industry Leader, with external guests and speakers. Each project lasts four weeks and every project is different. You always work on a real brief from a live client, we’ve worked with clients like Greenpeace and UniLever in the past. The five projects are: Design Thinking, Digital Technology, Managing Projects, Business Transformation, Leadership & Group Dynamics and StartUp. You will spend the first 6 months in intensive, full-time study at the School, followed by your Industry Research Project.

Which industry partners do HI work with?

Industry Leaders are practitioners from industry who work with you throughout every project. We are working with partners such as AKQA, Fusion Futures, Raw and Snook .

What is the Industry Research Project?

The culmination of everything that you’ve learned during the school based period. This is your opportunity to design your own project based in the workplace. Do research, state assumptions and formulate hypotheses, test them, make conclusions, engage with other professionals, create something original and innovative, leave your mark on the industry. This is NOT a thesis! Your deliverable has to be presented in a manner appropriate to the professional context. You might want to submit a report or a suite of deliverables: presentations, videos, images, info graphics, audio recording or prototypes. As long as it meets the learning outcomes - it’s yours to own. You are encouraged to think big, think differently and think professionally. Explore examples from Katy Jackson and Mathieu Lacaze.

What is the difference between Digital Experience Design and Digital Media Management?

Digital Media Management is designed to bring out the best in generalists & versatilitists, it provides a broad and varied introduction to different disciplines and graduates often go on to become strategists, account directors and project managers. It was designed to fill the gap recognised by industry from existing university education.

Digital Experience Design is the first MA Hyper Island have designed specifically for a career. A design focused career.

How many students are on the course?

We provide a unique learning environment at our school in Manchester and group dynamic is an important part of that. To ensure that all our students get the best experience from our MA programmes we have between 20 and 35 students on each MA.

Where are HI students from?

Our MA programmes are culturally diverse and students come to study with us from all over the world, with over 39 nationalities represented in our programmes in the UK.

I don’t know if I have the right experience for this course – what are HI looking for in an applicant?

We are looking for applicants with a bachelors degree or the equivalent work experience. Our current applicants are coming from a diverse range of fields and backgrounds, have a look at our current student profiles to get an idea of the breadth of experience.

At Hyper Island, it's about attitude, potential and a desire to learn. What unites them is a motivation to develop and challenge themselves and the environment they work and live in. If you think that might be you and you want to ask questions please get in touch! Catherine.mchenry@hyperisland.com

What is the qualification I will leave with at the end of the course?

On successful completion of the programme you will graduate with an MA in Digital Media Management. We work closely with Teeside University who accredit and award the qualification to Hyper Island MAs. This is a globally recognized qualification and will help you to progress your career down your chosen path.

Are there exams?

There is an examination and assessment process, but there are no formal exams in a traditional educational setting.

How does the application process work for DMM?

The application process is simple and straightforward and can be all done on line. You make your application through the button on the course page, completing the form and uploading the relevant documents: your CV, degree certificate, personal statement and English language certificate (if relevant).

You will then be invited to an interview with the programme leader, this will give us the opportunity to find out more about you and for you to find out more about the programme and ask any questions you may have. We also work closely with Teeside University, who will assess your application following your interview with us. We aim to let you know the outcome of your application within 2 weeks of your interview.

Do I need to submit a portfolio to apply?

This is not a formal requirement but if you have a portfolio we would encourage you to share this during the application process.