Inclusive Leadership: Diversity

Get the tools to make diversity a reality with two half-day sessions. Learn to leverage the potential of inclusion to reach your business goals.

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Now’s the time to seize the opportunity of diverse teams

Business and society are transforming and you can lead the change within your organization to not only keep up, but also define the solutions to thrive through driving revenue growth and creating value.

During these two half-day sessions, you’ll learn key tools to help embrace these changes and to bring the tools back to your teams with a clear solution to retain and develop diverse members of your workforce.

You’ll discover how to enable all members of your workforce to improve communication, lead exceptional meetings, collaborate and learn constantly, and even have fun reaching your business goals through maximizing the value and satisfaction of your increasingly diverse workforce.

Please note that to enable optimal learning through application and reflection the course is run over 2 days, 2 weeks apart. The time commitment for each of the 2 days is just 4 hours, with minimal time commitment in between.

What this is about

The future of leadership requires diverse teams

Recent statistically significant research shows that ethnic and cultural diversity drives revenue growth and value. Companies with diverse executive teams showed 35% higher returns. Significant corporate efforts are in place to increase diversity within senior management and corporate boards.

How do we get there?

People of color, women, Millennials, Gen Z-ers, ex-military, and return-to-workers and longer-living and working Baby Boomers who have evolved through a career break and/or career transitions, are highly valuable human resources for organizations.

Companies need to retain and develop each individual and enable all executives to support that goal.

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How it works

Who takes this course

This course is designed for changemakers who want to make diversity a reality and a competitive advantage for their organization and in turn drive growth. This is for executives who are looking to identify a real solution and a learning program, talent development managers, communication specialists or human resource experts.


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