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MA Digital Management - Part-Time Asia

Discover how to thrive in a digital world through problem-solving, design thinking, business transformation and leadership.


Master digital in a changing world

The Master of Arts in Digital Management is an executive level, accredited part-time programme that incorporates cutting-edge learning experiences from innovation, business transformation, and digital technology.

The programme is suitable for working professionals, entrepreneurs or career shifters who want to reinvent themselves, stretch their thinking and master the world of digital.

  • Learn how to drive transformation and advance your understanding of current and emerging trends such as FinTech and Smart Cities.

  • Personalise your own learning journey and benefit from a programme designed to help busy professionals advance their careers.

  • Apply cutting-edge strategies by collaborating with peers in an environment that mirrors real-world challenges.

  • Become a new kind of leader, one who is creatively driven, adaptive and constantly hungry for learning.


What you'll be doing

  • Duration: 15-18 months, approx. 3 campus days/month
  • Start Date: August 2020
  • Location: Singapore
  • Registration & Tuition Fees: Contact us for more information

Main areas of study

Design Thinking

Unlock your creative potential and become a 21st-century problem solver. Uncover insights into real human needs to solve complex issues in a creative and innovative way.

Digital Technologies

Identify and seize the opportunity to transform your business and create value using emerging technologies.

Business Transformation 

Learn from real case studies and prototype your own change experiments. Get the skills you’ll need to lead organizational transformation.


Specialist areas to choose from

FinTech (industry specialisation)

Examine key drivers of change to understand management challenges. Apply what you learn to real problems and opportunities in your own domain.

Exploring Innovation

Find the courage to become an intrapreneur and shake things up at your place of work – or start your own company.

Smart Cities (Future Mapping)

Sense opportunities, see the big picture and understand the thinking and technologies that are shaping industries and societies – today and tomorrow.

Managing Projects and Teams

Understand what it means to collaborate and lead teams in the digital age. Explore the project lifecycle and consider projects from a holistic perspective.

Short Specialist Project

Become the owner of your module learning. With the guidance of the Hyper Island staff, you can dive deeper into a topic of your choice – or start something up.

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Without the MA, I’d probably still be wondering why things are changing around me instead of being a part of them.

Aimee Tasker
Service Designer, Common Good

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