Level up and lead change

An intensive online program that will give you the tools, coaching, and network to drive real change in your organization.


Learn how to make real change happen

You’re driving change in your organization, working hard to meet new and complex challenges. We get that it’s tough. This program blends online learning with offline doing to strengthen your confidence, competence, and peer network to lead that change and have an impact.

In Driving Transformation you work with your own transformation case – a formal or informal change initiative you’re driving in your organization. You’ll learn by doing, with a close group of peers from across industries. You’ll apply useful theory and methods, prototype transformation in real-time, and get support from experts and coaches.

Apply new tools

Get effective methods to assess the current state, engage with stakeholders, design your roadmap for change, and prototype the future.

Remove barriers

Overcome the resistance by learning to influence through storytelling, engage people in new ways, coach yourself through turmoil and dare to take action.

Lean with peers

Work closely with a tight-knit group of other transformation leaders from around the world, all working with  similar challenges, across a range of industries.

Course goals

What you'll learn

You can get theory from books and blogs. This program is about putting ideas into action and making real change happen.

Working directly with your own transformation case, you’ll learn an applicable playbook for driving change, including instantly useful methods, guiding templates and tangible cases. All while hacking your own case with support from our coaches, other program participants and your colleagues.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Co-create, communicate and lead change initiatives to support authentic transformation in organizations.

  • Use a range of tools to bring your ideas to life, create compelling narratives, influence stakeholders and build momentum behind change processes.

  • Navigate transformation processes more confidently, working through challenges, resistance and barriers by selecting appropriate techniques and approaches.

I’ve never experienced such a valuable, fun and challenging online program – it was so full of learning, interaction and amazing people.

Florencia Landi
Transformation Leader, Telecom Argentina
Course plan

Six modules

Creating a case for change

What are the key principles for driving a successful transformation process? To kick off a change process you need to build strong foundations that will enable you to achieve your aims. In this introductory module you will start to outline and articulate your transformation case, build connections with the other participants and collaborate on how you will work together to aid effective teamwork.

You will create and explore your Case for Change and Leadership Canvases and, through feedback with your peers, iterate and improve them. You’ll curate and learn from successful change cases, learn how to form and set your group culture and try out tools for giving and receiving feedback to enhance your collaboration.

Learning from the future

The future is hard to predict, yet, somehow we need to prepare ourselves and our organizations for it. We tend to think of the future based on the present, or more importantly our perception of the present. This often creates a problem because we continue to think that our behavior is set and almost impossible to change. This fixed mindset makes it difficult to imagine a future where our behaviors could be completely different from the way they are today.

The purpose of this module is to add the future perspective to your change case. You will look beyond the current trends and explore how you can let the future inform your case. Understand the concept of leaning into the future. Gain tools to question your assumptions. Assess your change project and whether it is a reaction to the past or a sense of the future.

Engagement & barriers

Driving Transformation is about facilitating people to think and act differently. Collaborating with others brings complexity. Differing needs, beliefs, fears and motivations will all present themselves. There isn’t one solution or one way to make change happen, rather there are principles, mindsets and tools that can help us navigate this complexity and facilitate transformation.

During this module you will take a deep dive into understanding how to remove barriers and create engagement with others to achieve the change you desire. Understand how to engage both emotional and logical drivers to enable change. Explore and test tools to create engagement in your case. Discover new ways to overcome resistance, ingrained culture and legacy structure.

Prototyping & storytelling

Sometimes it’s possible to convince people of the value of change through logical explanation and argument. But humans are naturally resistant to change. Often, simply making the case just doesn’t cut it. One way to circumvent change resistance is to work “under the radar” – building minimum viable version of your desired future state that shows rather than tells.  Something that helps the stakeholders to quickly see the potential impact, value and possibilities.

This module continues to push the ‘dare to do’ approach through active prototyping and storytelling as mechanisms to build support and momentum within your spheres of influence. It’s all about asking: how can you SHOW people around you what the future can look like and bring them on board as allies and champions for your case?  It’s all about crafting a compelling story while also finding ways to give people the chance to experience the future through prototypes that make it real.

Building momentum & traction

You can’t drive transformation by yourself. You need to build your coalition – the movement that will elevate your change case beyond yourself and your immediate champions. How can you make your change go viral? You have to generate awareness, interest, engagement, commitment and ultimately evangelism for the change you’re trying to drive.

This module is all about building traction and momentum for your change case. It’s about activating people around you to buy-in, empowering champions to lead and creating the conditions for continuous progress. You will dig into tactics borrowed from a range of disciplines including political organizing, growth hacking, psychology and artificial intelligence.


Throughout the program, you’ve explored many principles, tactics and tools for transformation. Trying new things out with your stakeholders, teams, clients and yourselves. You’ve started to have an impact, but have probably only scratched the surface of the changes you want to achieve. For change to stick over the long-term, you need time to deeply embed new working practices, mindsets and processes, which takes consistent work and effort over a long period of time.

The purpose of this module is to celebrate the work that has been done so far, to create forward-moving energy that keeps the momentum of this program and to get a sense of closure from this program and what you have achieved so far.


What you'll be doing

An intensive 6 weeks of real-time learning-by-doing and coaching to unlock progress for your case. The program demands high commitment and engagement while being designed to be flexible.

The majority of the program content and tasks are available to go through any time you choose during the week. There are 1-2 small group calls each week that can be flexibly scheduled with your peer group. There are two fixed weekly live sessions, each Tuesday 15:00-16:30 CET and each Friday 15:00-16:00 CET.

Expect to dedicate 8-15 hours per week for group discussions, webinars, reading and individual work, although often this can be integrated into your existing day to day work.

The Hyper Island approach is different from traditional online learning. We combine hands-on practice in your workplace in a fast-paced online environment to create a powerful experience that truly pays off.


Learn with peers from around the world 

An open online learning environment that encourages and facilitates dialogue, discussion and feedback.


Tools, videos and resources

Content kits packed with rich learning materials and useful tools curated to support you to apply immediately on your case.


Online workshops

Learn and get inspired from live sessions with program coaches, guest experts and other participants.


Weekly challenges

Learn by doing: put ideas and tools into practice with weekly challenges to build your skills and generate impact.

Who takes this program

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone with a clear desire and intention to lead change within their organization. It is for formal and informal leaders alike, with a focus on the traits of change leadership that are not contained to formal managers.

It is geared toward driven professionals with an understanding of disruption, the big challenges in their industry, and a sense of how their business needs to transform. The most important criteria is a strong motivation to drive change and a clear transformation case.

Our typical participants are very diverse and include members of Leadership Teams, CEO’s, Managers, Directors, Heads of Departments, Strategists, Entrepreneurs and Consultants from across a wide range of industries.

Why take this program

Challenges we've heard from previous participants

These are some of the common challenges we’ve heard from past participants. Do you recognize these sentiments in yourself or your colleagues?

  • I’ve been given the mandate to lead a change but I need new tools and frameworks to make it happen…

  • It’s clear that a change needs to happen in my organization but the key people haven’t woken up to it yet. I need support to start the movement…

  • I’m tired of reading blog posts and watching TED talks about transformation and change. I want to get hands-on and make it happen…

  • I’ve been working with change for a while but I’m feeling isolated. I need a network of peers engaged in similar work to exchange with and learn from…

The program is a collaborative journey of practical tools and self-discovery. It helped me find the right spots to improve and grow as a change leader. I made progress on my own case, while sharing feedback with others, and building a lasting group of peers

Bruno Nastari
Business & Activation Strategy Manager, Hype Agency