Strategically plan for digital transformation, identifying and engaging with new markets and opportunities.


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  1. Stockholm

    19 Sep - 21 Nov, 2016

    SEK 43 900*


*Local VAT/GST may apply

Digital Strategy is an intensive ten-session learning journey for working professionals who aspire to sharpen their strategic mind with a focus on digital.

Our goal is to give you the clarity, confidence and skills to adapt and thrive in today's ever-changing digital world and to inspire you to catalyze purposeful change at your organization.

You will not find textbooks or tenured professors at Hyper Island. Instead, you will work hand-in-hand with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and your fellow participants to solve real world problems in real time.

"I thought I would get to learn about new digital tools, but I discovered a new way of thinking, a whole new mindset. It was extremely valuable."

- Anna Rosenqvist, Project Manager, Welcom.
Read her Hyper Island experience in this article, in English or Swedish

The applied nature of the course allows you to test your ideas, get feedback, and problem-solve with the group over the ten weeks. A mix of workshops and guest speakers will move the learning forward to increase your understanding of digital strategy as well as what role you play in a group, organization and industry going through change.

Through out the course you will develop a broader and deeper understanding of today’s digital landscape and how you can lead purposeful change.

What you learn

  • Understand the digital landscape
  • Be familiar with diverse digital channels
  • Strategically plan for transformative technologies such as data, mobile and cloud
  • Discuss the impact digital has on business
  • Identify markets and consumer behaviours in the digital world
  • Argue the relevance of digital tools when developing brands
  • Harness the transformative potential of digital to add value
  • Plan for how to strategically work with innovation
  • Develop your organisational culture
  • Lead change

Who should join

The course is designed for you who aspire to work on a strategic level within an organisation or business.

You are looking to bring a higher level of digital competence to your work.

Participants represent a mix of professionals within accounts/client services, branding, digital planning, creatives.

Registration information

You will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly after you apply with more information about the program and how to prepare for it. Feel free to contact us for any questions and thoughts about our Digital Strategy Evening Course.


The program will be conducted in English. There will be a mixture of Swedish and International speakers and facilitators.

Course fee

43 900 SEK excl. VAT for the full program.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from Hyper Island.


You will get great methods to use, insights to share with colleagues, friends, and customers, new ideas, ways of collaboration and tools to lead the change.

Helena Johansson, Senior Project Manager

SvD Svenska Dagbladet (daily Swedish newspaper)



    of the participants find that the Hyper Island Master Class was a valuable or very valuable experience.


    The following dates require attendees to be physically present on the respective location

    • Stockholm (March 14 - May 17, 2016)

      • March 14 - Mon 09:00-17:00 (Hyper Island Way Day 1)
      • March 15 - Tue 09:00-17:00 (Hyper Island Way Day 2)
      • March 22 - Tue 16:30-21:00
      • April 5 - Tue 17:00-21:00
      • April 12 - Tue 17:00-21:00
      • April 19 - Tue 13:00-19:00
      • April 26 Tue 17:00-21:00
      • May 3 - Tue 17:00-21:00
      • May 10 - Tue 16:30-21:00
      • May 16 - Tue 09:00-18:00
    • Stockholm (Sep 19 - Nov 21, 2016)

      • Sep 19 - Mon 09:00-17:00 (Hyper Island Way Day 1)
      • Sep 20 - Tue 09:00-17:00 (Hyper Island Way Day 2)
      • Sep 26 - Mon 16:30-21:00
      • Oct 3 - Mon 17:00-21:00
      • Oct 10 - Mon 17:00-21:00
      • Oct 17 - Mon 13:00-19:00
      • Oct 24- Mon 17:00-21:00
      • Nov 7 - Mon 17:00-21:00
      • Nov 14 - Mon 16:30-21:00
      • Nov 21 - Mon 09:00-18:00