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3 - 4 Aug, 2017
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How can I understand data? Where do I find the data that I need? How can I make sense of analytics to run my business better?

The Creative Data Lab will help you understand how to make data work better for your business. You will be exposed to data analytics tools and gain a better understanding of business intelligence.

Make data work for your business.
This Lab helps you understand data - where to find it, how to visualise it, and how to tell more compelling stories with it.

Get the understanding
Analyse data. Explore ways to scrape data, transform them into meaningful visualisations that you can apply to your business goals.

Expand your network
You'll collaborate with peers and multidisciplinary professionals on a real business challenge. That will help you to develop the skills that designers need to make good strategic decisions.

Gain the competence
Develop a data-driven mindset. Learn how to relate your data intelligence to your business objectives. You'll learn transferable skills that can be directly applied to your own business, workplace and career.

What can I expect

What you'll learn

This programme for individuals who are keen to understand how to better apply data to their work. You could be an analyst who is currently involved with data on a day-to-day basis, or a creative who wants to develop ideas with a data-driven mindset.

You will learn tools for scraping data, turning datasets into visualisations and understand how to align data to your business goals.

It gave me an opportunity to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions that I can apply to my own business.

Piers Lee Male

Managing Director, BDRC Asia

Key Areas of Focus

Business Intelligence
Gain a better understanding of business intelligence to make data work smarter for your business. Apply business intelligence and analytics to data.

Recognise the trends in the use of data in agencies and brands.

Tools and Skills
Use tools to access data that is not in an accessible format, and discuss the legal aspects of data scraping.

Consumer Insights
Understand what your consumers are saying. Use data to draw insights and tell stories.

Turn Data Into Visuals
Turn datasets into visualisations using tools which will be covered during the Lab.

Meet the instructor

Jonathan Briggs

Jonathan Briggs, Co-Founder of Hyper Island
Jonathan is a thought leader and educator in the digital, innovation and technology who believes passionately in delighting the customer whether online, via their mobile or in-store.

He is the Co-Founder of Hyper Island and the OTHER media. With over 15 years commercial experience and 25 in higher education, Jonathan enjoys troubleshooting failing projects and designing innovative ways of engaging learners, customers and colleagues in mashups, mobile, retail and usable and online businesses.

He has worked with clients internationally from IKEA and Paul Smith to Guardian and Unilever creating innovative education for individuals and companies embracing digital change.