Content Developer

This 65-week, full-time program held in Stockholm combines hands-on creative work with a sound business mindset always grounded in consumer insights and needs.


Gain the most in-demand skills

The Content Developer program combines hands-on creative work with a sound business mindset always grounded in consumer insights and needs. You will create, write and produce content for digital platforms and formats and learn all about the latest, global, future, trends driving business and marketing forward from industry leaders at the forefront of their profession.

Study Mode
The program is full-time, 40 hours/week. The program is performed in English. At Hyper Island we strive to create learning experiences that resemble the real world workplaces. You will learn while working with real clients, coached by industry professionals and sharing knowledge within the class, as well as learning on your own.

Our methodology focuses on the why as much as the how and the what, and on team collaboration instead of individual effort, in order to challenge participants to grow personally and professionally. We introduce new ways of thinking and learning for participants to develop themselves into lifelong learners.

In this program, you will practice learning-by-doing and reflection as an active learning tool. Through regular feedback you will practice self-leadership, enhancing your ability to work effectively both as a team member and leader. You will learn to create and run effective teams, navigate group dynamics and develop your skills in project management and leadership. All course content is designed to meet the needs of today’s industry and is delivered by industry professionals at the forefront of their field. You will be challenged to create solutions to real-world problems, practicing techniques of idea generation and business transformation.

The program is accredited by Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskola (Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education) and graduates from the program will receive a diploma in Higher Vocational Education. International students graduating from the program will receive a non-accredited diploma of successful completion from Hyper Island.

The program requirements are a successfully completed upper secondary (high school) education and proficiency in English (the entry requirement for studies at the higher vocational lever is the Swedish upper secondary course English 6/English B or international equivalent. Applicants do not need to submit IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent test.

Nordic students – No program fee
For persons with a legal residency in any of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Faeroe Islands), regardless of nationality or citizenship, it is possible to apply to one of the governmentally funded seats, i.e free of charge. To be recognized as a Nordic applicant you need to have a legal residency and a personal id number in any of the Nordic countries at the time of your application.

International students
For international and fee-paying students the 65-week program fee is 180,000 SEK.

Program courses

What you will learn

PROJECT 1 - Foundation Weeks

Introduction to a number of tools that will support the continuation of all other projects and courses of the program. Tools about personal development, group development, leadership and idea development are introduced and worked within a practical manner. Current global and emerging trends in the digital industry are explored.

PROJECT 2 - The Big Picture

Content is a buzzword of the century. What is content and why is it so important? We talk past, present and future as we get a deep understanding of what we will spend the next year specializing in. This module incorporates a project about industry analysis. The student will get tools, work methods and processes for understanding and researching content development’s role in the industry, the roles, the trends and who the big players are. Social and professional issues related to digital technologies and the impact digital has on society and business will be explored.

PROJECT 3 - The Good Story

Good content starts with a good story. In this project we explore the techniques of storytelling and conceptualisation and how those two intertwine. What do you do when you get a client brief but there’s no good story to tell? What do you do when you have a good story but don’t know how to tell it?

Storytelling: we’ll touch upon a range of different theories and techniques from i.e. classic
dramaturgy, creative writing, character creation, direction, sound design and interactive storytelling.
Conceptualization: we will focus on tools and methods for concept development and visual
presentation of concepts. Working with briefs to develop and pitch content concepts with a focus on the brand and target group.

PROJECT 4 - Content Production

The students will learn different project management- and production methods and to determine which are most suitable for the task at hand. We will explore Agile methods as well as more traditional project- and production management frameworks. We will look into various leadership styles and models, and get a deeper understanding of team development methods. We will explore the main content formats in more detail including processes, budgeting, laws and regulations: video, text, audio, events.

PROJECT 5 - Immersive Content

In this project we get hands on experimentation with new technologies and content formats in different channels, learning hardware, programming and digital fabrication. A creative and playful exploration of how to create impactful experiences through content. Also focus on understanding personal learning needs and setting goals.

PROJECT 6 - Exploring Design

How to maximize and utilise the strengths of aesthetics. In this module the students are introduced to design tools and strategy, as well as aesthetics and tonality when it comes to different content formats. The students will be challenged to individually explore their design competencies and preferences. User Experience Design will play a role. The student will learn how to acquire insights and then leverage them and realise different solutions with the use of prototyping methods and tools. This module will give the students an opportunity to develop their personal craft and start to focus on their individual specialization.

PROJECT 7 - Creating Informed Marketing

This module crosses the areas of data analysis and strategy. We’re looking at the foundation of how to make informed decisions when developing content.
Data: We will explore how to analyse data, and use relevant tools in order to make informed decisions and make visual presentations.
Strategy: We will explore how to choose and implement different strategies when developing content including how to understand your target audience, reach your KPIs and understand the market.
The module also integrates aspects of personal development and specialization.

PROJECT 8 - The Economy of Content

The student will learn about digital marketing from the perspectives of brand strategy, communications and different marketing channels. How does content make money? How does it get views? What does the machinery behind every piece of content that hit our screens look like? And how is it going to evolve?

In this module we explore the whole lifecycle of a piece of content – and that of different formats. Including media planning, distribution, channels, customer journeys and performance metrics. We also explore new marketing paradigms – from developing a content strategy to social marketing.

PROJECT 9 - The Studio

The core of this project is to explore what it means to run a content business from a day-to-day perspective, including management, organization, culture, finance and clients. The students will be responsible for all aspects of full life cycle projects while being challenged in their team development and leadership knowledge, skills and competencies.

PROJECT 10 - Individual Project

The student will drive a project of their own choosing and turn their ideas into reality. During this project, the student will use the abilities they have learned so far to practice, deepen, and show their understanding of content development.

PROJECT 11 - Industrial Placement

Industrial Placement shall provide the students with opportunities to develop a deeper understanding in their field of specialization by being in a professional environment under the guidance of industry professionals. Last week of Industrial Placement students gather at school for graduation and focus on presenting and sharing gained knowledge, skills and competences as well as evaluating their full learning journey of the program.

Career & Key skills


This program is built on actual market needs so from day one, you’ll work on real briefs from real clients so you get relevant experience and an attractive portfolio. You’ll also get a great internship, and are well-positioned to find a job when you are done.

Several well-known creative agencies, banks and other organizations have committed to hiring content developers from Hyper Island for roles within marketing/public relations/branding – including content strategist, copywriter, communications specialist, marketing coordinator, production leader or content producer.

After you graduate you will have a broad knowledge base covering the trends affecting marketing, communication and sales from a technical and business perspective:

  • You will learn all about the latest, global, future, trends driving business and marketing.
  • You will master skills such as storytelling, content creation, video production, and writing.
  • You will also get the knowledge you need to succeed in the strategy, planning and production phases – as well as methods for analyzing and measuring digital channels.
Stockholm Campus


Our biggest school and the global head office is located in Stockholm, in Hammarby Sjöstad, close to the water in a brand new building, designed for our needs. Every year the school welcomes over 320 full-time students across 7 different programs.