Understand and embrace digital disruption

This intensive course will help you to understand and tackle disruptive business challenges to deliver new kinds of value to your evolving customer base.


Learn how to create a new future

Many businesses and even whole industries are being disrupted by the digital revolution, and you need to learn how to embrace change and create a new future for your business. Will you be disrupted or become the disrupter? This three-day course will change how you think about business.

Learn how to navigate through a complex business landscape, understand and connect with your customers and plan to transform your business for growth in a digital world.

This course helps you to understand and tackle disruptive business challenges and to deliver new kinds of value for your customers. Utilise the power of networks; learn diagnostic tools for rapid analysis; explore cutting-edge case studies, and implement a powerful transformation process in collaboration with other professionals. Learn the tools for collaborative ideation and innovation processes and plan for how to strategically work with change. This course aims to give you the clarity, inspiration, confidence and skills to adapt and thrive in today’s ever-changing digital world.

During three days, you will collaborate together with other professionals and industry experts of the course to solve real world problems in real time. A mix of workshops and presentations held by industry experts will move the learning forward to increase your understanding of business transformation as well as what role you play in a group, organization and industry going through change. There will be a creative learning environment that will inspire you to drive purposeful change back into your organisation/agency.


What you’ll be doing

In this course, facilitators will combine individual reflection and dynamic team exercises with a unique case method, similar to what’s used in the world’s top business schools. You will experience rapid idea generation and peer-to-peer learning exercises that turbocharge the process of facilitating individual and organizational change.

Professionals who specialize in organizational change, digital marketing, and business innovation will challenge you to create a new future for your business and will facilitate your ability to achieve it.

Day 1

Purpose, culture & expectations

The world we are in

Contextualizing business & self

Day 2

Where do you create value?

Making strategic choices

Creating innovation

Approaching transformation

Politics of change & prioritization

Day 3

Self-awareness & leadership

Individuals in change

Your transformation story

Shaping culture

Action & accountability

Who takes this course

Who will join you?

The course is created for practitioners leading and working in teams with a challenging business agenda – business and marketing leaders, commercial leadership, research and development, innovation, change management, HR and talent acquisition – in any sector affected by the digital revolution.

This course is packed with fast-paced hands-on workshops, talks and discussions from business transformation experts, and action-oriented reflective exercises.

Ana Luisa Orbegoso
Innovation Director, Starscamp