Blockchain for Business

A course for professionals that want to lead in the digital age.


Develop a decentralized mindset

Blockchain for Business will help you develop an understanding about this new technology, explore real cases, and discuss its implications. The aim is to give you what you need to lead a team or whole organization in the digital age, and unlock business opportunities.

You’ll work with current and emerging concepts and case studies, discuss the technical, human and social challenges involved, and hands-on activities for you to experiment and explore the possibilities of blockchain.

At Hyper Island, we create facilitated learning journeys that combine the most effective learning techniques and tools to achieve the greatest impact. We harness technology to enhance learning, building an effective blend of in-person and online learning.


Three areas of study

You will demystify crypto/token economics, ICOs, smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps) and distributed autonomous organizations in order to develop a decentralized mindset.

You will explore local and global cases, such as Aragon, Bit-Nation, Provenance, SingularDTV and SteelTrace, as well as the blockchain market landscape in order to build your partnerships ecosystem.

You will discuss the human and social dimensions of blockchain such as governance 2.0, distributed autonomous society, global basic income and virtual citizenship.


What you’ll be doing

You will learn by doing hands-on activities, creating prototypes of blockchain solutions and business applications for your industry:

Learn from digital experts

You will be challenged and inspired by industry experts, and learn as much from your fellow participants in collaborative practical workshops. You will learn how to broaden your thinking about financial services and understand what is driving disruption in your industry.

Put insights into action

Explore how to build deeper customer relationships in a digital world. Find the right tools to make the most of the opportunities presented by emerging digital technologies.

Use Hyper Island methodology

Our proven learning methodology has been honed over 20 years. Expert Hyper Island facilitators custom design each delivery of the course to maximise learning and its practical application.

Get the tools you need

You’ll leave with an expanded professional toolbox and methods for embedding the learning into your daily work.

About Hyper Island

20 years of Tomorrow

You can probably tie most of our major progress as a civilization to some form of technological innovation in our entire history. What seems old now were once innovative breakthroughs back in their heydays.

Revolution and disruptions come in waves when the world needs it. Nothing is new. Society, individuals and businesses rise and fall accordingly to how well they anticipate or adapt to these changes. Many disruptions are often just new innovative ways of solving old problems.

Innovations are a result of original thinkings, and originality comes from the ability to think differently, which is strongly linked to creativity. Here we don’t believe that creativity is a fixed inherent trait. The crucial part is if the individual or organization is in the right mindset, and if they are equipped with the right methods and tools needed to unlock their full potential.

For all that to happen, companies and individuals first need to step away from assembly-line thinking and gain a deep understanding into how creativity works, what is needed for it to thrive before and being able to apply it to their work effectively.

By using a set of methodology that focuses on the why as much as the how and the what, on team collaboration instead of individual effort, we challenge participants to grow personally and professionally. We introduce new ways of thinking and learning for participants to develop themselves into lifelong learners.

We have six key guiding principles that unite, define, and guide the Hyper Island experience:


Our Guiding Principles

We have six key guiding principles that unite, define, and guide the Hyper Island experience:

Learn for Life

At Hyper Island, learning isn’t contained in a classroom or a course. Learning is a way of life.

Real-world ready

We collaborate with thought leaders and experts to anticipate industry needs in a world where innovation drives disruption.

Lead the change

Tomorrow’s leaders will be those who embrace change, adapt swiftly to new paradigms and lead by action.

Seize your potential

Hyper Island challenges people to set ambitious goals and giving them authority over their own learning, and power to realize their potential.

Team is everything

Through feedback and reflection, individuals become more effective team members and leaders.

Change the world

Together, we can change the world by igniting a passion for lifelong learning.