Agile ways of working

Discover what agility is and why it matters to your organization with this 3-day practical workshop.

How it works

What this course is about 

  • Thinking like a start-up
  • Developing user stories
  • Making work visible (through Kanban)
  • Iterative projects
  • Learning from experimentation and learning from failure
  • Exploring Scrum: principles, practices and methods
  • Exploring Lean: customer value, user testing
  • Comparing Scrum and Lean
  • Business model development with the Business Model Canvas

What you'll be doing

You will attend a 3-day workshop with both preparatory work and a post-course assignment. The assignment will be designed to allow you to demonstrate that you have been able to apply your learnings back to work.

The focus will be on practical exploration of tools and ideas and application back to your own organization. You will be supported by the SmartUp mobile app with stimulus content, reading materials and quizzes to help them prepare for the course and continue their learning afterwards.

Why Hyper Island

Transformative learning experiences

Hyper Island believes in lifelong learning and designing learning experiences for your needs. We empower individuals and organizations to learn, adapt and lead in a world of constant change. We are a creative business school with consulting services.

Day by Day

What to expect


Day 1

  • What is agility and why does it matter? Agile versus traditional projects
  • The language of agile
  • Working with a client problem/case studies
  • Being agile (workshop)
  • Making work visible (kanban)
  • Developing user stories

Day 2

Learning from Startups

  • Thinking like a start-up
  • The Lean Methodology
  • Designing and running iterative projects
  • Involving the customer

Day 3

Adding Value to Your Business

  • Changing how we create value
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Exploring the BMC (workshop)
  • Developing and presenting plans for our own organization
IBF funding

How to qualify for IBF funding

This course is accredited by the Institute of Banking & Finance Singapore (IBF). To qualify for funding, you would need to fit following criteria:

  • Singaporean/PR
  • If you are less than 40 years of age, you qualify for 70% funding of the course fee
  • If you are 40 years of age or more, you qualify for 90% funding of the course fee

Along with either of these criteria:

  1. Company-Sponsored Participants • Working in a Financial Institution
  2. Non-Company Sponsored Participants • Working in an organization based in Singapore For full details on claim submission process, please visit the IBF website here.

IBF Funding Question

If you have any questions regarding IBF Funding for this course, please contact our Partnership Manager, Paviter Singh, for more details: Email: Phone: +65 9299 1544

Our Guiding Principles

What drives us 


Our Guiding Principles

We have six key guiding principles that unite, define, and guide the Hyper Island experience:

Learn for Life

At Hyper Island, learning isn’t contained in a classroom or a course. Learning is a way of life.

Real-world ready

We collaborate with thought leaders and experts to anticipate industry needs in a world where innovation drives disruption.

Lead the change

Tomorrow’s leaders will be those who embrace change, adapt swiftly to new paradigms and lead by action.

Seize your potential

Hyper Island challenges people to set ambitious goals and giving them authority over their own learning, and power to realize their potential.

Team is everything

Through feedback and reflection, individuals become more effective team members and leaders.

Change the world

Together, we can change the world by igniting a passion for lifelong learning.