Content Arcs

Given the challenges and opportunities of running a global, multinational business and brand, finding increasingly effective ways to coordinate messaging and content across geographies and cultures is vital to reach the appropriate audiences with the right information and moving stories. Content Arcs and Content Planning are the tools that help structure and align your strategy.

Content Arcs & Planning

A mechanism to accomplish this is to work with content arcs and narrative throughout the year to ensure that no fragmentation nor disruption to messaging takes place. Content Arcs are holistic and as neutral as possible and are developed based on nationality, culture, geography, personas, psychographics and more details as you work at the market and local level. The arc is proactive and agreed upon at a global level and Pfizer’s opinion (and research and data) needs to be consistent with the arch. Ie. stories with insights, stories with an opinion, as opinion drives discussion. Messaging should be framing what is happening tomorrow, not today and should stay clear of monologue style communications. An opinion about tomorrow is what gets attention.

The arc is made up of a content calendar, themes, specific opinions (future based), narrative structures and local level messaging. Additionally imagery can change due to context etc.

Four pillars of clear communications are vital for successful brand engagement: Simplify, so everyone understands; Education to build awareness, Story to move people with meaningful stories, and across the board, beautiful, compelling artwork, photography and design.

  • Interaction

    Individually, work with the Content Arc Framework to identity at a highest level the arcs, timing and key messages to align upon and drive across at a global level and identify specific actions/resources needed to support local markets. Additionally, join up in pairs and coach each other on your Content Arc work.

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