Building a Learning Mindset

Moving forward after the program, what are the qualities that can create support individuals in their continuous curiosity to grow and develop. Here a helpful list of tools and activities that can support participants in cultivating a learning mindset, to foster capability to remain responsive to changes in technology, their functions and industries.

A learning mindset does not just happen, it’s the work of intention, strategy, commitment, habits and rituals. We all have different needs and curiosity – and time available to us – but regardless of the knowledge domains you need for your role, or the content areas you are most passionate about pursuing, putting in place a structure to systemize your learning is of great benefit.

Have a look through Jocke’s own digital toolbox to see what he has put in place to help him quickly and conveniently stay on top of things. It’s about being selective both in terms of resources and media, but also your time commitment and availability.

Additionally, a big part of learning is about teaching others, sharing your reflections and ideas and connecting with other people. You can do this via social media, blogging, video or podcasting, internal memos, speaking engagements and more. The constraint of diverse media and putting your thinking on the line increases the impact you will have.

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While this article is about ways and means to bring strategy to life in your organization, it gives a wonderful overview of the mediums and low hanging fruit at your disposal to share ideas and build commitments around them – which is effectively learning through collective action and communication.