Action Planning

Putting into practice the synthesis of what’s been learned into actionable change by leveraging commitment and understanding for the new actions and initiatives to be undertaken and for what new ways of working are needed to reach the impact you desire.

At the beginning of the storytelling summit we introduced you to the Individual Action Plan. The intention with the framework is to provide a space to reflect, iterate and plan around any changes or initiatives you wish to realize in your work moving forward. It is a great tool in building accountability and self-leadership and draws inspiration from the Circle of Influence/Circle of Concern from Steven Covey’s, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

This tool can form an interactive part of your working day-to-day. Revisit it, adapt it, change it as you go and as your needs change. An added way to take more value from it, is to develop your coaching and feedback skills by pairing up with another coworker to present and feedback to each other. Ask clarifying questions and dig a little deeper to help understand what the effect of your changes will be.

A full PDF version of the Action Plan can be found below.

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