Masters Hyper Island students

Meet our Masters Students & Alumni

Get to know our Masters students and alumni: find out what brought them to Hyper Island and how they are driving change after graduating.

Meet Mauricio, an inspirational leader and full-time MA Digital Management student

A hardcore curious and seasoned professional with 25 years of experience in multinational companies such as Pepsico and Nestlè, leading Marketing and Sales teams, Mauricio was thirsty to learn from people and life experiences and thus decided to join the 2019 Masters in Digital Management in Manchester. He’s a proud Mexican who creates positive energy to make things happen and broadens people’s horizons by opening them up to new perspectives.  

“Being part of Hyper Island, a community with the most kind and creative humans, makes me feel a like I belong. At Hyper I am constantly inspired by others and part of designing a better future”.

Meet Wanda, Senior Innovation Manager at Ørsted Offshore

It’s been over four years since Wanda graduated, but she’s still amazed on how the MA Digital Management program in Manchester changed her life for the better and recommends the experience.

“Attending a masters program at Hyper Island UK was a total treat. Hyper Island skillfully selected motivated individuals with a variety of skills for the program. Each day, I felt lucky to learn from and work with such talented people. Hyper Island supported us enormously to rapidly building strong teams based on trust and mutual respect.”

Meet Vainateya, Co-founder at Siriti

Aside from having a good reason to fly into London 10 times from India over the course of 10 months, Vainateya chose to pursue a part-time Hyper Island Masters in Digital Management to be able to lead change and change the world. Vainateya wanted to meet people he could level, work, play and grow with. He quickly found out that Hyper Island is much more than a degree: it’s a way of life.

“After over a 100 clients, 10 years, 2 startups and a near death experience, I didn’t think I had much more to learn about myself. I realised I was wrong within the first few hours at Hyper Island. Over the last 10 months, I have changed how I think and approach things – applying what I’ve learned to work and life.”

Meet Nuala, Strategic Designer at Ford

Believing in life-long learning and with a thirst for knowledge, Nuala came across Hyper Island online. Attracted by our experience based learning approach, she took a leap of faith and applied. During the first days it all clicked and she knew she was in the right place.

“One of my skills is that I am very analytical, a strategic thinker. This means I can pick apart an idea, reshape or strengthen it – also known as being the devil’s advocate. Needless to say that being a devil’s advocate can cause friction. Before Hyper Island, I hadn’t fully realised how valuable this skill is. Hyper Island gave me the confidence to own it, and more importantly helped me understand how to best apply it in group situations.”

Advice for future students?
“Be ready for an absolute adventure with talented people.”

Meet Albena, Director at Sumitomo Europe

Originally from Bulgaria, Albena choose Hyper because she wanted to continuously challenge industries, companies and herself. To Albena, being a Hyper Island Masters student is: “A hugely transformative and a very rewarding experience because you learn from industry leaders together with a ridiculously talented bunch of classmates, and work together on projects for world class companies.”

Advice for future students?
“Don’t be afraid to change, try new things; big or small, and be patient. Take photos and notes, reach out to your class to offer and ask for support, and always read the project booklet.”

How has the program impacted you?
“I’ve changed my mindset. I’ve realized that all things happen because someone took the time and energy to create them. Now I know I am one of those people.”

Meet Viktor, Director of Creative Strategy and Technology in Hamburg

Spending the first 14 years of his life in Lagos, Nigeria, Viktor brought a distinct view to the advertising field after graduating in Germany from Arts school. He felt liberated when he moved from designing for billboards to designing for digital touchpoints and strategizing new ways to engage with customers. Digital was a more dynamic and user-centric playground for his teams as well as himself.

“After years in the creative field and working in different advertising agencies, I wanted to expand my toolkit in the digital playground, to leap forward into the world of innovation and digital management, and be a transformative force in my field. Coming towards the end of the program, I feel that Hyper Island gave me just that and much more.”

Meet Monica, Writer at Schöffling & Co.

Monica is a truly global citizen, living in Switzerland and Vienna. With previous experience under her belt as Head of Multimedia for the Culture Department of Swiss Radio and Television and having her debut novel Grünschnabel (English translation: The Encyclopaedia of Good Reason) selected as a finalist for the Swiss Book Prize in 2011, Monica saw the part-time MA Digital Management at Hyper Island as the perfect opportunity to learn how to challenge herself in a new way.

Why did she choose Hyper?
“Because it is a mindset which empowers to believe in change and translates into action
Because age does not matter
Because processes are playful, the outcome viable
Because we reflect about the things we do
Because we are enabled to constantly learn from each other.”

The biggest changes for Monica post program?
“I dare to think big, I dare to fail (early!), I make faster decisions, trust a process and I do not hesitate to ask for help.”

Meet Larissa, Strategy & Insights Manager at PHD Worldwide

Larissa started Hyper Island thinking she would learn about digital and finished the part-time MA Digital Management realising she learned more about life. In her own words:

“I became a better person and professional after Hyper. I’m a Hyper lover and I believe this is more than a school. Humans. Empathy. Real Connections. During the program I became more confident and self-aware. I understood my relationship with others and how they feel. If there is one thing I recommend in life is: go to Hyper Island!”

Advice for future students?
“Enjoy every second and spend as much time you can with your class outside the campus days! Probably they will be the biggest present you will receive. Choose research topics that will open your future doors! Embrace any type of feeling.”

Meet Michelle, a Creative Strategist from Indonesia

Born and raised in Jakarta but having lived in Sydney and Grenoble, Michelle has a natural curiosity for different cultures and designing things that impact society positively. So after working in the advertising industry for 4 years, Michelle decided to relearn everything she’d ever known about digital and become a full-time MA Digital Management student at Hyper Island Manchester.

After the first six months in Manchester, Michelle is now based in Amsterdam working on her Industry Research Project. To complete the project Michelle is designing an engaging experience for art museum while also documenting her museum musings around the world in @artnomadjournal.

“Hyper Island has been a transformative experience. I’ve learned how to get the team to the finish line, to constantly reflect, and to treat feedback as a gift. I’m also forever grateful to be part of a community of brilliant and crazy creative people!”

Meet Hanne, Entrepreneur

After 6 months in Manchester as a full-time MA Digital Management student in, Hanne is now back in Amsterdam putting her learnings into practice through working on her Industry Research Project and launching her own business in workshop facilitation for teams. “Hyper Island gave me the tools, knowledge and confidence to do this.”

What inspired you to set up your own business?
“At Hyper Island I started facilitating business improv workshops for fellow students and felt that this was something I wanted to further develop in my future career. At Hyper I got to test stuff in a safe environment and the positive feedback I gained from students encouraged me to set up my business. After facilitating my first business improv workshop back in Amsterdam I felt that I needed to do it with someone. That’s when I met Jennifer. She has a background in behavioral science which enabled us to expand our offerings, building on each others strengths. It is way more fun to do it together. The sky’s the limit now and we can’t wait till our launch. Stay tuned!”

Photo: September 6, The day the business got official (left: Hanne, right: Jennifer) .

Meet Ian, Business Designer and Innovation & Strategy Consultant

With a drive to make a difference by helping others to realise their goals, and those of the businesses they work for, Ian would describe his current job title as Business Designer. Working on his Industry Research Project, Ian is supporting companies to be innovative and spot opportunities to learn from venturing in new technologies and societal trends – something that excites him given the rapidly changing world we live in.

Why did Ian come to Hyper in the first place? Because after 17 years of working, he wanted to develop himself in a new environment. When he discovered Hyper, it seemed a natural fit.

“I’ve never excelled in traditional educational environments, but experiential learning is something I have taken up across the years and to me is the future of learning. To be surrounded by such diverse, inspirational, purpose driven, amazing minds was the highlight of my journey, and one that thanks to Hyper I will keep for the rest of my life – through the strong connections we built over the MA Digital Management program.”

Meet Caleb, a Digital Designer originally from Singapore

After gaining experience with crafting digital elements, Caleb wondered whether there was a channel that could help him input meaning to design. Shortly after diving into the MA Experience Design, he regained an interest in building digital products. When asked about his time at Hyper Island, Caleb said: 

“I learned about the importance of team culture and diversity. Working in agile teams that focus on culture, and contributing to the dynamics of both the team and individual got me especially excited! I have grown to appreciate honest and uncomfortable critique of my work and the process I practice, embracing the moulding process as a designer. Hyper prepared me with the right mindset and attitude to go out there to my next workspace, feeling equipped to somehow learn and contribute at the same time.”

Meet Stella, working on a sustainability project at Doberman New York

Leveraging the possibility to complete the Masters Industry Research Project from anywhere in the world, Stella is finishing up her MA Digital Management spending her time between Sweden and New York. Focusing on strategy and business development, she’s working with the Managing Director of Doberman on a sustainability project. 

When Asked about her experience at Hyper Island she said:
“Hyper helped me connect the dots and fill in the missing pieces in my (working) life. It had me pivot into the design & innovation space; a path I didn’t know I was looking for, but it turned out to be just that”.