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Web developer (closed)

Job Description

The web will be the client facing user interface that will allow client staff members to search inserted report data. The solution needs to be powerful and easy to use. To achieve this, we want you to use the latest tools and trends in architecture, frameworks and libraries.

Since we are a small team looking to make a big impact we are looking for a person wanting to wear multiple hats as we build up and grow the company. Join now and become part of moulding the future of Stravito’s user interface and building Stravito the company.

Join us if you are a developers who is passionate about the web and modern technologies and trends and if you are the type of person that wants to invest time into creating a scalable and mature platform to which you can become proud of for years to come.

Extra plus for:

Interest and talent in UI/UX design

Full stack developer

High motivation and autonomous working style

Fast learner, passionate, driven and ambitious

International background/language skills

About Stravito AB

Stravito AB ( is a newly started technology company founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and technology veterans with a great track record in both building and scaling renowned companies.

In today’s society we accumulate information to enable future benefit but often see how our information storage becomes information hoarding. At Stravito we believe technology can allow us to go beyond storage to instead extract, bring forward and make available the insights/learnings/value found in our internal information.

Our first product is a search application for enterprise companies within the consumer goods space that attempts to answer any customer question leveraging the data in their own research documents and files. In concrete terms Stravito software delivers this value by leveraging machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing/generation (NLP/NLG).