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Web designer // artist (closed)

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We are looking for a part time web designer located in either Stockholm or near Ängelholm (Skåne). 

Your knowledge in Adobe Suite is maximized and you are confident with both printed projects, web design and preferably some animation. 

You will be working with a team who specializes in 3D and interactive solutions. The job starts in september and will be 50% for starters. 

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About Comotion

Comotion is a 3D, film and Interactive Studio that helps companies communicate through visual messages. This can result in anything from a product or property image produced in 3D to a virtual 360 tour. We are somewhere between an advertising agency and a production agency where we can take part in both roles. We love the fact both being part of a team, where we take a specific role to get the lead and take full responsibility.

Our passion is finding creative solutions for your ideas, that designs, engages, informs, inspires and captures the viewer's attention.