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Tech Lead/Product onwer (closed)

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We are looking for Tech leads/Product owners/Scrum masters to join us for a quick chat session for our research program at Delibr!

In case you are wondering what is Delibr?

In a nutshell Delibr is an app that helps you and your team make better decision, in less time. It makes it easier for you to have more efficient and structured discussions with your team.

Basic research details:

- Location: Remote ( You can join me from anywhere you like be it your home or office)

- Compensation: $30 per chat session

- Session durations: 30 - 35mins

- Time and date: Schedule the sessions as you like, we know you are really busy and we respect your time, we are super flexible so you can select any time that works for you!

- Tools: Good mic and speakers are appreciated :)

- Payment: Through Paypal or bank transfer

Interested, great apply as we look forward to talking to you!

Have a nice day!


About Delibr

Delibr is a Swedish tech startup, founded 4 years ago

We are making a tool that allows tech leads to quickly map their team's thinking - enabling collaborative and structured problem solving