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Senior UX Designer (closed)

Job Description

Why you get out of bed in the morning

We are looking for a Senior UX Designer to join our Stockholm team. We want someone who has a passion for merging digital and physical experiences. Someone who has a deep understanding of digital interfaces and interactions and has a passion for designing digital services and products from a holistic perspective. It is the core for your well being that you can gain a deep understanding and empathy for the end customers when working in your projects. And user-centered / design thinking design methodologies are second nature to you. But ultimately you are driven by the possibly to design intuitive, simple and beautiful digital experiences that create real value.

What you will do during the day

As a Senior UX Designer at Above, you will help lead UX strategy, deliver cutting edge interaction design and collaborate with an exciting mix of competencies. You will develop and execute user research and insights, create and deliver concepts, personas, storyboards, user flows, and construct functional prototypes. All from a cross-discipline perspective that considers multiple aspects of the brand/business/experience.

What we will be looking for when we meet you

When we meet you digitally or IRL we will be looking to see a deep understanding of how to design digital interfaces and interactions. This, of course, will be supported by strong design skills and a passion for the details. The high regard for simplicity of structure and interaction will shine through in your portfolio and when you talk about process we will be listening closely to understand your ability to move quickly from insights to prototyping.

About you

We believe in creating a culture where you as an individual can take responsibility for your work. In return, you will work with the most interesting projects and clients around.

Your drive to learn and improve and is your most important asset. You strive to be a excellent team player, and use that drive to communicate across competencies using UX as the glue. Your personal leadership, allows you to focus on being agile and self-driven. You are humble enough to take direction, and brave enough to offer critical feedback, with a personality that enhances the dynamics of the team spirit.


We at Above are devoted to breaking down the boundaries between physical and digital solutions with the fusion of hardware, software, applications and services. We work with the full scale of product and service creation, from strategic concepting all the way through to manufacturing.

We are a mixed bag, not only nationalities but also of competencies. Made up of industrial, digital, service designers, electronic and software engineers, split over three offices - Stockholm, Malmö and Shenzhen. One of our core philosophies is that we believe in bringing designers and engineers together from the start. When our designers understand the state of the art tech-enablers and our engineers get the big picture, the user experience moves from a vision into the market – and beyond, creating value in people’s everyday lives.

We work with amazing international brands, local Scandinavian heroes and a fantastic collection of start-ups. We also have a passion for creating our own products and have a good track record of successful start up ventures.